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(of farmland) capable of being farmed productively

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The advantage of this camera is the 3-inch tillable touch screen.
You're going to see more and more tillable applications.
KVCC's 120-acre SMART Hub will be developed as a regional and statewide academic and technical cluster dedicated agricultural sciences education, including 20 acres of tillable sustainable fields, 90 acres of pastureland and hayfields, a farm pond, barn structures, as well as classroom and laboratory space.
Stanley indicated that the next phase of the project will be to "identify DOC-owned tillable farmland for use by nonprofits.
SP: Have you ever thought how we're going to feed 8 billion people on this planet by 2030 without access to more tillable land
The "haves" successfully have fenced off the tillable acreage and built their wealth with factories that cause pervasive health problems.
COACH comes with the essential materials educators need to engage in collaborative educational planning, including ready-to-use, tillable forms and tools--now on CD-ROM--to help educators organize goals and objectives, determine their students' learning styles, schedule class activities, and plan and adapt instruction, evaluate the impact of instruction on student outcomes.
The TBP logic model is presented to tribes as a tillable form in a Word document, together with instructions and suggestions.
Data on bulk SOC concentrations and bulk densities were used to calculated SOC stocks for the usually tillable soil depth (0-0.
The landscape, moreover, had been formed by glaciers, which had "left no extensive tillable soils.
In order to expand tillable land, drainage programs were introduced--often funded through various levels of government.
the second nation in total area and the first nation in tillable area.
The 1830 Louisiana Purchase enlarged the area of the country about 140 percent, making the United States the second nation in total area and the first nation in tillable area.
The property includes a cotton base of 68 acres, peanut base of 16 acres, 106 tillable acres and 36 acres of planted pines and hardwood.