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Synonyms for tillable

(of farmland) capable of being farmed productively

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The Aral problem has affected the north of Turkmenistan, in particular, Dashoguz region, where serious problems occurred associated with providing the population with clean drinking water and controlling salinization of tillable lands.
Consider creating tillable PDF forms with Adobe Acrobat to collect the writer's biography, contact information, and any pertinent details at the time of submission.
there are eight reservations (in New York), covering more than 125,000 acres of land, as tillable and beautiful as any in the state.
Berrey's vision for the tillable non-historic portion of the property is to continue farming the land.
During the period 1990 to 2005, tillable lands in Russia have shrunk by 10.
Amid the dearth of tillable land, we need to reorient our attention to the sea, where bountiful alternative resources are waiting to be tapped and, in so doing, engender in us the need to protect them.
Why can't solar farms be sited there instead of on tillable fields?
Then you want this machine, with its combination of stable flying, hovering abilities and mid-flight tillable camera.
en you want this machine, with its combination of stable ying, hovering abilities and mid-ight tillable camera.
One hundred of those acres were tillable and 7 acres were in pasture land, unheard of today.
The farm includes 1,100 acres of tillable land and 200 acres of hardwood trees.
The revised book, Designing Safer Learning Environments for Integrative STEM Education, features new supplemental materials such as safety presentations, tool and machine tests, tillable PDF forms, and a safety resource webpage.
Because the rents required by the financial sector are astoundingly high, beginning farmers and sustainable farmers are being forced out of the rental market altogether, and since the corporate demand for tillable land is at an all-time high, they're also precluded from owning land due to ever-climbing land prices.
Download a tillable DD Form 1348-6 here: http://www.