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I tell all of my friends about the Tike Hikes programs.
I look forward to the global climate models improving enough to allow skillful predictions of storm size, which will help us predict TIKE for an upcoming season," Powell says.
Little Tikes said the product may have been sold in Walmart, Toys 'R' Us and various other stores in the U.
He added: "I sent emails to Little Tikes the same day who said it wasn't their problem and advised that I got in touch with the distributors, so I sent them an email and received no reply.
Each center is a computer housed in brightly colored, child friendly Little Tikes furniture that is equipped with educational software which will help preschool children learn.
To celebrate the royal wedding, we have a patriotic GB Cozy Coupe from Little Tikes up for grabs
THE LITTLE TIKES POP TUNES BIG ROCKERS KEYBOARD is not only fun for the little ones--it gives Mom and Dad a welcome break from the kiddie songs generally associated with musical toys.
has launched its Little Tikes Turtle mealtime set for toddlers.
in brands such as Little Tikes, Fischer Price, etc.
I eagerly await inspirational pearls of wisdom that will make parents rush their tikes to the local bookstore.
While it would be the last place you'd expect to find the factory that can proclaim itself "the small car capitol of the world," this town of 22,500 is home to the production line for the Cozy Coupe, a plastic-bodied vehicle that has remained in production by Little Tikes (www.
This time of year, it doesn't take much to entice the kids to go out and play, especially when the yard is full of Little Tikes swings and things.
They are FisherPrice (part of Mattel), Mega Bloks, Little Tikes Co.
NEWELL RUBBERMAID completed the sale of Little Tikes Commercial Play Systems to PlayPower Inc.