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Smith said: "We're on a decent run but I've always said this league is the tightest in Britain.
Accurate on-board E95 metrology coupled with Advanced Spectral Control for tightest process control/Optical Proximity Effects
Now a playground for baby boomers and their echo boomer children, who want to live in the middle of all Manhattan's action, there is little available inventory and is one of the tightest markets in the city.
One of its tightest games was Tuesday's Regional semifinal.
The familiar arrangement evident in piles of neatly stacked oranges at a supermarket represents the tightest possible packing of identical spheres (SN: 8/15/98, p.
The UTS810 and UTS1530 Ethernet access platforms, combined with the UTX8212 Multi-Service Ethernet Access Aggregator, located at the switching center, convert legacy circuits to carry packet services well within the tightest latency specifications.
Conditions were tightest in the adjacent Southern California markets of Orange County (7.
Most of the tightest tee shots are on the more heavily wooded and more scenic back nine at Mountain View, notably the 472-yard, par-5 15th hole, which seems narrower than it is because of the height of the trees flanking both sides of the fairway leading away from the tee box.
Calculations suggest that 23 carbon atoms form the tightest knot that can be sustained in a polyethylene strand without breaking it, the researchers report.
This set of MES applications allows for the co-existence and simultaneous scheduling of Kanban and traditional manufacturing orders throughout the facility, and the continuous quality reporting and monitoring required for assuring that processes, not just product, adhere to the tightest of manufacturing specifications.
For instance, that four girls of very different temperaments would remain the tightest of friends for 16 years, just because their mothers (who don't appear to have kept in touch) met in the same exercise class when they were all pregnant.
And in Midtown, new mid-sized availabilities came to market in Sixth/Rock Center -- still its tightest submarket.
In 1611, Johannes Kepler asserted that this arrangement is the tightest possible way to pack identical spheres.
Demand for office space in downtown Fort Worth, one of the tightest real estate markets in the country, created a need for the new building.
In the tightest ratification vote in union history, Los Angeles Unified School District teachers agreed Friday to accept a new contract that provides 2 percent pay raises and maintains free health care premiums.