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the act of making something tighter

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Trent looked curiously at his companion, vastly interested in this sudden outburst, in the firmness of his tone and the tightening of the weak mouth.
He climbed out of the sledge and standing with his back to the wind began to shift his belt again, fastening it lower down in the waist and tightening it.
This was as exasperating as the real thing, for each time Daylight was fooled into tightening his leg grip and into a general muscular tensing of all his body.
Seein' you believe what you believe, then you'd be for compoundin' the felony," Daughtry retorted, the habitual obstinate tightening of his brows showing which way his will set.
He rested a kindly hand on her shoulder, tightening the fingers with a sympathetic pressure.
Not in these days, you mean," said the minister's wife, tightening her lips.
Concern showed in their faces, and I noticed a tightening of lips.
I strove to tear myself loose from my bonds, but succeeded only in tightening them about my arms.
Partly by signs, and partly by help of the slate, she showed how the mixture could be applied to the back of the loosened strip of paper in the next room--how the paper could be glued to the sound lower part of the wall by tightening the strings--how the strings, having served that purpose, could be safely removed--how the same process could be followed in Geoffrey's room, after the hollowed place had been filled up again with the materials waiting in the scullery, or even without filling up the hollowed place if the time failed for doing it.
All that was necessary was to let the two strips of paper drop back into their places--to fasten the strip to the wall in Anne's room, by tightening the two lower strings--and then to replace the nails which held the loose strip on Geoffrey's side.
And do you think, my excellent friend, that a musician when he adjusts the lyre would desire or claim to exceed or go beyond a musician in the tightening and loosening the strings?
You needn't smile, sir,' said I, still tightening my grasp, and looking steadfastly on him till he almost quailed before me.
The tightening noose was stopping the circulation of the blood in his legs--he was beginning to suffer.
She studied it carefully, and the tightening of her bridle-arm advertised that she had made up her mind.
I turned on the instant, with my fingers tightening round the handle of my stick.