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closely and firmly integrated


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They name themselves the Racing family but they are a group that are tight-knit.
We became very tight-knit and positive together, and I made a lot of good friends in the city and at the club .
Teams that raised the most capital were functionally diverse- some members had a lot of outside connections, and some members were from tight-knit networks.
She added: "Winson Green is an incredibly tight-knit community in the heart of Birmingham.
She's skipped her way into the tight-knit Primrose Hill posse, with Kate Moss and Davinia Taylor turning up to her 26th birthday bash on Friday night.
The unruly but tight-knit bunch will appear on March 18
The one thing I didn't expect was the tight-knit fellowship among the entire organization.
I know you are a tight-knit family, and your cohesion and passion for your work comes across in every event you are involved in and every issue that hits the stands.
Nolan claims the BBC Panorama controversy surrounding manager Sam Allardyce has drawn a tight-knit squad even closer together.
Despite its tight-knit Hispanic community and vibrant cultural life, Alphabet City resembled a war zone then.
As her time in Israel progresses, Amy often finds herself in self-inflicted embarrassing moments and on the outside of a tight-knit group of friends and family.
The 6 million barrels of proven reserves in the Spanish Lookout area, inhabited mainly by a tight-knit community of Mennonite settlers, is a drop in the ocean of world oil supplies, but with crude prices topping US$70 a barrel expectations are high.
The city of Prague is home to a small, tight-knit dance scene, producing artists of increasing significance.
Yet it is far more than a nostalgic view of the past splendor of the seaside or tight-knit neighborhoods all destroyed by greedy outsiders and replaced with self-contained gambling plants designed to efficiently park and plunder day visitors.
I think we're a pretty tight-knit group already, and I think this is going to be the best ship I've ever been on.