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TIGHT-FISTED Glasgow Tigers speedway boss Sean Courtney last night said Joe Screen is so good that even he would pay to watch him.
The fact that we could trim the federal establishment doesn't mean for a moment that we will-even under the administration of a president who is as tight-fisted and has as much experience with low-budget productions as any who is likely to come to the White House.
TIGHT-FISTED police chiefs have been attacked for refusing to compensate shops attacked during last summer's riots.
WHEN it comes to many charities I am notoriously tight-fisted.
NORWICH CITY lost out on James Perch because they were too tight-fisted.
As a Yorkshireman, I am as tight-fisted as they come, but these people had no hesitation in digging deep to help us out and I thought that they deserved a mention for being so big hearted.
Meanwhile, Zak is bemused to hear Lisa refer to Nikhil as tight-fisted, and Carl assures Chas he will behave when he sees lovebirds Cain and Charity in the Woolpack.
Za hear Lisa r tight-fisted dale m) s to find out why appeared the night, but her ion with Ryan is d by Natasha, who e couple join her for ak is bemused to refer to Nikhil as d.
He responded by claiming keeper Dida was tight-fisted (maybe that explains why he can't catch the ball) and pinpointed Alessandro Nesta as the biggest whiner.
said Friday it has sharply lowered its consolidated net profit projection for the business year through February as consumers have become ever more tight-fisted amid the economic downturn.
After two years of marriage, the woman decided to claim her dowry as a way of punishing her husband for being tight-fisted.
But after losing Bryant, the Clippers were anything but tight-fisted this summer, signing free-agent guard Cuttino Mobley to a five-year, $42 million contract and acquiring veteran Sam Cassell from Minnesota.
Since Labatt and Molson have a tight-fisted majority ownership in Brewers Retail, the company plans on distributing at LCBO outlets with various promotional and sampling events this summer.
The cause of this sudden change was Paul Haigh's column in this paper in which he described some trainers as 'miserable, tight-fisted, self-centred, scheming, rotten swine'.
Then as now, producers were tight-fisted and old-fashioned, and it hadn't occurred to them to use television to market their shows.