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PPL management says that it plans to work on two additional tight gas discoveries to establish commercial viability.
The LANmark-OF Tight Buffer Universal cable is a fibre cable that can be used indoor and outdoor in a duct.
Jadwa said: "Our review of specialized public domain industry information suggests that production from US tight oil and shale gas formations may not grow as fast and as much as most commentators suggest, mainly because wells in such formations have low productivity and short lives.
The agreement was signed on November 13, 2012 in Islamabad for the production gas from a tight gas reservoir in Dadu.
An eventual breakthrough in commercialising Khulud s tight gas potential ensures a place for PDO, alongside energy major BP and the wholly government owned Oman Oil Company Exploration and Production (OOCEP), as pioneers in the Sultanate s nascent efforts in the development of its tight gas reservoirs.
The first ever tight gas Sales and Purchase Agreement was signed on November 13, 2012 in Islamabad for first production from a tight gas reservoir in Pakistan from Kirthar Block in Dadu, Sindh.
signed the country's first-ever tight gas sales and purchase agreement with PGNiG and PPL in November last year for supply of 30,000 Mcf/day, Platts has reported.
The rapid rise of tight oil in the US and Canada is dominating the oil patch issue as players take stock of what it could all mean: Is the petroleum industry on the verge of a global energy revolution, or on a trend which is encouraging, but not likely to meet lofty expectations?
The Tight Oil Market 2012-2022, analyses this industry essential to the future growth of the energy sector.
The world will have to wait at least 10 years before seeing big supplies of tight oil similar to the US shale gas revolution, Opec said, but reserves of tight oil could eventually rival the conventional oil reserves of Saudi Arabia.
It keeps them air tight, fresh and germ free, and has just won the 2010 Good Industrial Design award for consumer goods.
When Justin Peelle took over as Oregon's starting tight end in 1999, the three players who preceded him were all playing in the NFL.
1 : very closely packed or compressed <a tight bundle> <a tight fist>
The spin of the rounds going through the barrel will actually help keep it tight because the spin twists the barrel tighter.
There is no shortage, and even if there were a tight market, this would improve wages and benefits and do more to lift workers out of poverty than any of the social-welfare schemes foisted upon Americans since the 1960s.