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having stripes resembling those of a tiger

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With its swank Venetians heaving up blood, its mountain of debauched omni-sexuals in tiger-striped slacks tumbling from a toppled beach tent, and its intimation of pedophilia, Death in Venice is a curious entertainment to set before Bush-era America.
Actor Matthew Lewis, who plays Harry Potter's chum Neville Longbottom on screen, arrived at the show on board a colourful tiger-striped RAF Puma.
There were no Tasmanian wolves on display, though for those interested in conservation over Kit Kats, signs described how the wolf-headed, tiger-striped, kangaroo-tailed, opossum-pouched creatures died off in 1936.
Planes of tiger-striped Macassar ebony, dark stone, and rich colours provide sumptuous backgrounds for pristine tablecloths and create a nocturnal impression even during the day.
CHILDREN with tiger-striped faces were just some of the features which could be seen at a Coventry school's summer fete.
The best is the tiger-striped unitard with the bra strap showing that Cher wore as Laverne, her wisecracking launderette lady.
This will include the incredible limestone pinnacles of Namburg National Park, the gorges and bushland of Kalbarri National Park, the tiger-striped domes of rock (the 'Bungle Bungle') in Purnululu National Park and vast Kimberley wilderness.
25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The new Korilla BBQ has made a bold statement announcing its arrival in the East Village with its tiger-striped mural, and with its official opening scheduled for early October, will soon showcase more art through its refined menu and the restaurant's interior walls.
The research marks the first successful sequencing of genes from this carnivorous marsupial, which looked like a large tiger-striped dog and became extinct in 1936.
Top varieties include Gardeners' Delight, Ailsa Craig, Shirley, Sungold, Moneymaker and the tiger-striped Tigerella.
And he has yet to get so close to a competitive appearance that he had to strap on a tiger-striped helmet.
Shirley, born in Tiger Bay, Cardiff, wore a tiger-striped dress and purred: "I am being a tiger tonight.
A trend that's making a comeback in 2012 is the recognizable tiger-striped print that 'dares to be different' - Zubaz
I want people to remember me, win, lose or draw,'' said Smalls, who fights with a flashy style that mirrors his trademark tiger-striped, black-and-white trunks.
Blonde Nicola, 24, hit the headlines after streaking at last year's Open wearing little more than tiger-striped paint.