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seating that is arranged in sloping tiers so that spectators in the back can see over the heads of those in front

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A theater with 100 tiered seats and videoconferencing capability is part of the center.
The moving venue has 40 tiered seats, a private bar and a stage where the crowd are entertained by live bands.
A COVENTRY school's RY school's R new building has light and spacious classrooms, a hall with tiered seats and a computer room packed with technology but it's the toilets the children can't stop talking about.
The rock legends put in a great performance and the versatility of the revamped LG Arena came into its own with the stage moved towards the back of the hall, creating an NIA Academy-style intimacy as the band faced a wall of fans in tiered seats rather than the dreaded curtain of old.
People can either watch from their car, tuning into the soundtrack on their radios, or sit on specially erected tiered seats.
It had three stories of tiered seats and could hold 50,000 spectators.
After more than a year of construction, the theater is taking shape, with steel framework for the tiered seats rising up from the floor and the high walls partially painted a deep shade of brown.
A bank of 180 tiered seats were installed earlier this season to give spectators a better view of the stage.
He explains: "The Golden Hind stand, which is basically the silver ring, will be demolished next summer to make way for a much enlarged members' and day members' stand featuring tiered seats behind glass.
There was just one huge video at the back of the stage, but this was largely obscured for fans on the tiered seats due to the positioning of the massive loudspeakers suspended above either side of the stage.
Tickets will cost pounds 30 for floor tables and pounds 20 for tiered seats.
Restricted competition of project management (architectural and engineering competition: Sketch +) passed under sections 70 and 74 of the Code of public contracts for the reconstruction of part of the site of the college made metal structure twenty classrooms and a gymnasium including in particular a playground 20 x 30 m, 100 tiered seats approximately 4 dressing rooms and storage rooms.
Restricted competition of project management (architectural and engineering competition: Sketch +) passed under sections 70 and 74 of the Public Procurement Code, including the creation of an indoor sports area of 40 mx 20 m , 150 tiered seats approximately 4 dressing rooms, storage rooms, various local (SU: 2000 square meters).