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Synonyms for tierce

the third canonical hour


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the cardinal number that is the sum of one and one and one

one of three equal parts of a divisible whole

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Si certains preferent le jeu de cartes (Ronda, Dos et Rami) ou le billard, en mettant en jeu la consommation du cafe et du the que le perdant d'une partie doit regler, d'autres choisissent de jouer au tierce, quarte et quinte qui semblent plus lucratifs.
The battle was so tierce that opposing troops on the tennis court (a key point) engaged each other with grenades.
Battle says Green's focus and tierce talent should lead to many more opportunities.
Sans parler d'une tierce partie qui cherche a manipuler les incidents pour servir des fins malignes et changer la situation dans le pays, il faut admettre que le citoyen simple en est le principal affecte dans cette lutte illegale entre le pouvoir et l'autre partie, explique le general Ahmed Abdel Halim, un analyste militaire.
The tierce lobbying around aspects of overseas trade regulation, explored in several essays, further demonstrates the importance of the state, and the potential impact of de-regulation and legislative vacuums, notably in the African trade.
The exotic pools like the Quinte+, Quarte, Tierce and Multi paid out around [euro]10.
This sociological framing allows Poole to cast new light on the emergence of a meritocratic elite in the decades surrounding the First World War, as well as on the tierce contests between Treasury officials, museum directors and volunteer boards over who should construct the public cultural domain in the modern nation-state.
Rome, Rajab 15, 1433, Jun 5, 2012, SPA -- Italy's Foreign Minister Julio Tierce met here today with his French counterpart Laurent Fabius, currently on a visit to Italy.
SPORTING LIFE: Team Terrific Tomatoes give a winning cheer front Bethany Swaine with left to right Charlotte Bawn, Jodie Ounsley, Shona Spence, Tierce Halmshaw, Jack Boothroyd, Evan Cuncliffe, Mia Ress (PC300610Cschool-02)
In which sport are there defensive positions called prime, tierce and octave?
Agnes, one") and so long immersed / in holy water our / electric blue limb to / limb radioactive / rosary of atoms tierce like / saints on fire yes--/ the arch / of your back my / oh holy grail only / to be resurrected to half-life ("Dorothy, one").
Next, Marek turns her scrutiny to the Continuation des Erreurs where she includes the Tierce partie in her examination of an overarching unity which structures the entirety of the Erreurs.
The "125 Hz Acoustic Frames" excel in subdue of low frequencies, especially 125Hz octave and 100 Hz tierce, which results in a lot higher sound insulation value.
Carphone, which sparked a tierce price war in April with a "free broadband" offering for customers signing up for its TalkTalk fixed-line service, said it would fund the purchase of the AOL business by extending existing bank facilities and it expected the deal to be complete by the end of this year.