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Synonyms for tie-up

Synonyms for tie-up

a cessation of normal activity, caused by an accident or strike, for example

Synonyms for tie-up

a social or business relationship

an interruption of normal activity

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Indian brokerages are entering into tie-ups with banks in order to reduce costs of customer acquisitions.
The industry research report titled Philippines Domestic and International Money Transfer Industry Outlook to 2017 - Tie-ups and Price Wars to Influence the Market Growth provides comprehensive analysis of domestic money remittance, bill payment, mobile money, branch-pick ups, door to door transfer, direct credit to bank, online, mobile and international money transfer market.
Brand tie-ups in the realty sector primarily revolve around design, exclusive facilities and marketing.
The research says that tie-ups with EPC firms also represents a good method of creating stable demand for membrane-based products, and to promote MBRs, as EPC firms can recommend various technology options to their end users.
President Osamu Masuko said Friday that when discussing preferred strategies for responding to moves toward realignment in the global auto industry, his company is looking toward tie-ups with other automakers on individual projects, but would be reluctant to form a capital alliance.
After pulling out from the bourse, Pokka forged business and capital tie-ups with Meiji Seika, a unit of Meiji Holdings Co.
According to netbook manufacturers, such tie-ups will bundle a netbook along with subscription to 3G services.
The company announced seven new tie-ups worth more than pounds 5million and are predicting turnover will rise from pounds 38million to pounds 46million.
Future trends identified include fortified foods, Ayurvedic nutraceuticals and foreign tie-ups.
Emirates India International Exchange (EIIE), one of UAE's most established exchange houses, recently announced its tie-ups with new correspondent banks in India and the Philippines.
ABC Barakah was opened in Sri Lanka on July 18, 2007 and is seeking tie-ups with Saudi institutions for microfinancing and technical support.
British Energy is now looking at potential tie-ups with other power companies at its nuclear development sites as hopes of a sale fade, the reports said.
Rivals Centrica and Suez could also look at tie-ups, the report adds.
Snap up a pair of cute strappy sandals with ankle style tie-ups to match summer dresses.
Combined with his other tie-ups, including a EUR250million deal with Nike, he is set to earn more than a billion in endorsements alone.