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dye after knotting the fabric to produce an irregular pattern

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FTD's colorful tie-dyed roses commemorate the legacy of the iconic band.
Pupils in their tie-dyed T-shirts and a yellow submarine |mark Thornaby Church of England Primary School's 50th birthday 050615THBYCOFE_27 DOUG MOODY
But let's face it, older Goths do have more fun but this wasn't a totally welcome tie-dyed blast from the past.
She said many people think the performers are hippies because the show was first staged in the early 1970s with tie-dyed shirts and clownlike makeup.
There are shots of Firdaus's blue eyes framed by a tie-dyed headscarf and Soelayman's golden yellow Mohawk.
In the first half the dancers wore unitards tie-dyed to look like winter twigs al dawn (all costumes by James Hall), and the backdrop by Robert Heishman looked like frost on windows.
As usual, the weird menagerie included a mixture of the prosaic, the perverse, the vicious, the absurd, and the obscene: union hard hats, self-proclaimed lesbian "dykes," clench-fisted Communists, tie-dyed dolphin dancers, and grotesquely tattooed grandmas.
For every girl perplexed by what lip gloss goes best with tie-dyed shirts, we offer peace of mind.
Baby Boomer educators are going through feelings of deja vu as they encounter students fashioning the bell bottom pants, tie-dyed shirts, and peace sign necklaces similar to what educators themselves wore in school.
The display is divided into five chapters: "Poets and Dreamers" (the tie-dyed velvet cape of '60s folk rocker John Sebastian, Jimi Hendrix's black silk-satin bellbottoms, and Bruce Springsteen's flannel shirt); "Idols" (Elvis and the Beatles); "Brilliant Disguise" (David Bowie, Elton John, David Byrne, and Mick Jagger); "High Style," a glittering medley of evening wear and big-name designers that ranges from the Supremes to Madonna; and "Rebels.
You get: a tie-dyed shirt, three stickers, a rock `n' roll embroidered patch, a black light poster and bulb, some glow-in-the-dark stars, a button to pin on a shirt or jacket, an underground comic, six postcards, incense, and a groovy burner--all for only $79.
WITH all the gypsy, hippy goings-on at the moment and the fashion for pretty gathered tops and petticoat skirts, it's no surprise that tie-dyed colours are becoming popular again.
Twin brothers whose casual clothing business began with selling tie-dyed T-shirts at Winnipeg Beach and mushroomed into a multi-million dollar international company were honoured by the Sales and Marketing Executives (Wpg.
As girths widen and hairlines recede, reporters in their thirties and editors in their forties have revived the days when tie-dyed giants in long hair stalked the earth.