tidy sum

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For example, in an hour the Welshman earns the tidy sum of EeAu2,040 (Dh11,693), with his yearly takings amounting to a cool EeAu15,600,000.
The final total of [pounds sterling]51,387 is a very tidy sum to share out among the members of this UK-based Power Combo group, who come from as far north as Perth and as far south as Penzance.
That drove me on even more, so by the time I'd turned 18, in February 2000, I was on a tidy sum.
30am until 4pm, attendees at which could find their prized pieces put through to a later auction that could see them pocket a tidy sum of money.
It is a sobering thought that but for these hills passing into public ownership - Bilberry Hill was sold to the city of Birmingham by Lord Windsor in 1913 for the then tidy sum of pounds 3,385 - they might have entirely disappeared, as extensive quarrying in the past extracted their core of hard stone, which was suitable for road metal.
Hosted as usual by Chris Tarrant, lets hope they manage to raise a tidy sum for this very deserving cause.
UPM Raflatac's Polish plant, due to come on stream by the end of 2008, will cost the tidy sum of $135 million.
It should have made them huge stars and a tidy sum, but they complain that US TV giant HBO refused to give the band an on-screen credit, so few people know who they are.
Dear Editor, I am sitting in the RES Wyatt stand at Edgbaston having laid out a tidy sum to watch the one-day international between England and India.
At last week's USC-Cal football game, after I parked in a private lot a half-hour's walk from the Coliseum for the tidy sum of $30, I told people it's a good thing I didn't end up an hour away -- I didn't have $60 in my pocket.
In the '80s, he was able to sell his back catalog for $22 million, a tidy sum that made him rich even as it helped to bankrupt the purchaser, Rykodisc.
Besides stimulating interest in the LWV, the League has added a tidy sum to its Ed Fund.
Sworn to secrecy by the birth mother and paid the tidy sum of $2, young L.
When he sold it, he made a tidy sum and returned to the arts--his first love.
Craig is obviously on a tidy sum at the moment," said a Derby insider.