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Synonyms for tidy

Synonyms for tidy

notably above average in amount, size, or scope

to make or keep (an area) clean and orderly

to make neat and trim; make presentable

Synonyms for tidy

receptacle that holds odds and ends (as sewing materials)

Related Words

marked by order and cleanliness in appearance or habits


(of hair) neat and tidy


Related Words

large in amount or extent or degree

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There will also be a limited supply of tidy up tools available for groups to borrow.
Keep Splott Tidy plans to hold a cleanup in different areas on the last weekend of each month, and residents can recommend which area they think the team should tackle next.
Councillor John Wynn Jones, Gwynedd Council Environment Cabinet Member said: "It is hugely encouraging to see that the pupils of Ysgol Bro Hedd Wyn, Trawsfynydd are so proactive in the community and doing such great work to encourage us all to keep the community clean and tidy.
Most women, when we tidy, will simply carry on, no matter how miserable the experience of wiping down surfaces with something lemonscented or scrubbing baked-in bolognese o the cooker.
For details on the Tidy Towns small grants scheme contact 029 o2072 6994 or email tidy.
Now McDonald's is actively supporting the Keep Britain Tidy campaign.
Guidance is also available on the Keep Britain Tidy website - under "Tidy Ups" - at www.
Mr Tidy had "received extensive medical help" including treatment from Stockton's Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Team and was taking tablets and medication.
Keep Britain Tidy is organising thousands of litter picks across the country - and is calling for a return to the 1950s values when dropping litter was seen as unacceptable.
TOP IRA man Brendan "Bic" McFarlane is to face trial in connection with the kidnap of supermarket boss Don Tidy.
Installed as an auxiliary component of the communication system in a featherlight modified-series Dodge sponsored by Tidy Cats, ClearSpeech consistently enabled clear communication between the driver and the pit crew, the owner, and his spotters.
MORE than 30 bags of rubbish were collected as a scheme to keep a Cardiff suburb tidy was launched.
Keep Wales Tidy is one of Wales's leading community-based environmental charities and since 1972 has worked with people to improve the quality of the local environment.
com or post us details and any photos of what you do to Jayne Middlebrook, Trinity Mirror Merseyside, PO Box 48, Liverpool, L69 3EB by Wednesday August 31, and help us to Keep Britain Tidy.
KEEP Wales Tidy has hired a new face to taKe on the role of project officer for Conwy County.