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land near the sea that is overflowed by the tide

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But Taylor Shellfish has also been criticized by environmental organizations and coastal communities concerned about the company's growing footprint and its effect on tideland creatures.
Also new are a glossary and a table of common and scientific names of tideland species.
Safe Sea Services is a Tideland group company that specialises in the installation and maintenance of all types of AtoN and quayside equipment.
Segun las propias palabras del director, se trata de la cruza de Alicia en el pais de las maravillas con Psicosis de Hitchock; Tideland produce el efecto de un esperpentico juego en torno del tema de la familia feliz estadunidense.
In 2004, hopes were understandably high when big league director Gilliam announced that his new film, an adaptation of Mitch Cullin's cult novel Tideland, would be shot almost entirely in Regina and nearby Qu'Appelle.
Tideland will be released at the Toronto International Film Festival next month.
In 1998, Hirofumi Yamashita, a local anti-development activist who had worked and organized against the destruction of the bay's tidelands since 1972, was awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize for his untiring efforts.
At the seventh meeting of the conference of the parties to the convention, held in Costa Rica in May 1999, member states agreed to designate not only wetlands, rivers and lakes, but also tidelands, seaweed beds and coral reefs under the convention.
Akiko Domoto said Wednesday she has canceled a project to reclaim 101 hectares of tideland in Tokyo Bay and that the prefectural government will now focus on restoring the natural environment of the area.
After inspecting the land in question, Kawaguchi criticized the plan to reclaim part of the 1,200-hectare Sambanse tideland off the cities of Ichikawa and Funabashi, saying the reclamation area ''has not been cut to a minimum.
Citizens of Nagoya dropped a lawsuit Tuesday asking the municipal government to stop funding a project to reclaim an endangered tideland in Nagoya port as the city gave up the controversial plan early this year.
HOUSTON -- Rock Hill Capital Group ("Rock Hill"), a Houston-based private equity firm, today announced that it has closed on a majority recapitalization of Tideland Signal Corporation ("Tideland" or the "Company").
The current rendering includes 175 newly designed maps and 86 essays that reflect recent scholarship, 30 of which are entirely new to this publication and cover such topics as the Texas Declaration of Independence, early roads, slavery, Civil War and Reconstruction, Texas-Oklahoma boundary disputes, and the tideland oil controversy.
However, despite lining up a girl (Jodelle Ferland) with an active childhood imagination, her heroin-addict dad (Jeff Bridges) and a smattering of other weirdos, Tideland is nothing but a feverish mess.
Under an Isahaya Bay reclamation project, which began in 1986, the gates of a 7-kilometer-long dike were closed in 1997 to separate part of a 30-square-kilometer tideland in Isahaya Bay from the rest of the sea in order to create farmland.