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But it'll have to stop once the tiddlers get a little bit bigger.
Chicken nuggets/vegetarian nuggets or fish tiddlers with chips and beans or chips and vegetables.
A group of 28, nicknamed the tiddlers, as they are aged between three and 12 have passed The Pony Club bronze award level three.
The Tiddlers Creche, at Atherstone's Leisure Complex in Long Street, was praised by inspectors.
A main three-day course has been booked at Sophia Gardens, in Cardiff, for boys and girls aged eight to 14, followed by a one-day ses-sion for the tiddlers aged five to seven.
He cast a simple swimfeeder leger rig under an overhanging tree at an Edenbridge fishery in Kent but only gudgeon and tiddlers went for his dyed red maggots.
I watched as I fished for tiddlers for my jar, Not much success, didn't get very far
Glynis, of Essex Close, Redcar, explained: "Most of these fish are goldfish that were brought back as tiddlers by our grandchildren over the years, from various fairs.
John Toshack's tiddlers have put in some big shows on their doomed mission, ran both the giants close in the away games, and can muster one more gutsy performance against the Ruskies on Wednesday.
The boats disappeared during the war and the lake had ducks on it and tiddlers in it.
The National Sea Life Centre, in Brindleyplace, is using Basil to try to stop people from buying tiddlers which inevitably turn into tank-busters.
Former Southampton and Man United ace Danny Wallace was the greatest little footballer of them all, but there are still plenty of tiddlers playing at the highest level.
Among the tiddlers, sparkling half-year results from dentists chain Oasis Healthcare saw it end the day 9.
Fishermen even escape a cut in the 15 days a month they are allowed to put to sea for cod - as long as they use nets with an agreed minimum mesh size to let the tiddlers through to boost stock revival.
FUN and games for the little ones on Wednesday at the Fun For Tiddlers Play Day for the under fives.