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I had suffered an accident which required a ticklish operation.
It was rather a ticklish recollection for John just then, for he was within an ace of breaking out into a loud guffaw.
One day he told me he was getting on well, but slowly; it was a more ticklish game than he had thought; but when I began to ask questions he would say no more.
But it's a ticklish job, for all that, if you're not used to it.
However, to shorten the story, Friday danced so much, and the bear stood so ticklish, that we had laughing enough, but still could not imagine what the fellow would do: for first we thought he depended upon shaking the bear off; and we found the bear was too cunning for that too; for he would not go out far enough to be thrown down, but clung fast with his great broad claws and feet, so that we could not imagine what would be the end of it, and what the jest would be at last.
Robbery on the king's highway, my young friend, is a very dangerous and ticklish occupation.
Mr Dorrit's speech had had more hesitation in it than usual, as he approached the ticklish topic, for he was not perfectly clear how so exalted a potentate might take it.
I gave Zametov a bit of a thrashing at the time-- that's between ourselves, brother; please don't let out a hint that you know of it; I've noticed he is a ticklish subject; it was at Luise Ivanovna's.
IT'S the ticklish car that can't help but drive you to laughter.
A ticklish, dry or chesty cough, runny nose, plus you feel generally lousy.
This decadent dessert was plenty for two, with a heaped serving of cream topping a deep, luxuriant ganache offset by a pinging berry compote to add a sweet and ticklish edge and crumbed peanut butter to give some welcome crunch.
Over the past 13 years, Mustaghni said, his ministry had been striving to resolve ticklish problems, including terrorism and extremism, through diplomatic channels.
But choosing a head of state from famous Corns could be ticklish.
The porters who were angry over the false and ticklish allegations raised slogans against the Congress leaders as they held [protest rallies at Majithia, Chawinda Devi and Mattewal.
He said the JUI(F) Maulana Samiul Haq could not single handedly settle this ticklish problem and instead the government should take all the political forces on board on this sensitive matter.