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eagerly compliant

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If a tenth part of what he confessed were true, he was a very loathsome rogue; and the lad's vanity was tickled by the attention of so experienced a man.
Hercules was so tickled with the Pygmy's big words and warlike gestures, that he burst into a great explosion of laughter, and almost dropped the poor little mite of a creature off the palm of his hand, through the ecstasy and convulsion of his merriment.
And she laughed loud and long, as though the idea tickled her fancy amazingly.
with such tickled ears as thou dost Come to thy tale.
Well, it is certain," said Newman, "that if people notice my wife and admire her, I shall be mightily tickled.
Their psychology is bovine, their outlook crude and rare; They abandon vital matters to be tickled with a straw; But the straw that they were tickled with--the chaff that they were fed with-- They convert into a weaver's beam to break their foeman's head with.
Chihun gave him a ball of spices, and tickled him under the chin, and Chihun's little baby cooed to him after work was over.
This so tickled Long Jack that he overbore Tom Platt, and the two went out together.
The humour of the situation tickled the Irish and the Oriental in his soul.
said Mowgli, and he tickled the palm of his hand with the tip of his skinning-knife; "I have no wish to do harm to any one of this village--YET.
Whereupon she flung one arm round my neck, leaned her temple against my shoulder and began to sob; but that I could only guess from her slight, convulsive movements because in our relative positions I could only see the mass of her tawny hair brushed back, yet with a halo of escaped hair which as I bent my head over her tickled my lips, my cheek, in a maddening manner.
Blowers"--a pleasantry that particularly tickled the maces, bags, and purses.
This idea of mystifying some learned sage tickled Joe hugely, and made him laugh.
I had been slightly tickled at the gentleness which Mrs.
She kissed her, caressed her, tickled her, washed her, decked her out, devoured her