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Synonyms for ticking

a metallic tapping sound


a strong fabric used for mattress and pillow covers

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No sooner did Peter remember it than he heard the ticking.
He had scarcely left the room, and allowed the ticking to become audible again, when a quick hand turned a latchkey in the house- door, opened it, and shut it.
In a word, it was represented (Clennam called to mind, alone in the ticking parlour) that many people select their models, much as the painters, just now mentioned, select theirs; and that, whereas in the Royal Academy some evil old ruffian of a Dog-stealer will annually be found embodying all the cardinal virtues, on account of his eyelashes, or his chin, or his legs (thereby planting thorns of confusion in the breasts of the more observant students of nature), so, in the great social Exhibition, accessories are often accepted in lieu of the internal character.
This clamor of the wind through the lonely house; the Judge's quietude, as he sits invisible; and that pertinacious ticking of his watch!
Michael Zippelli, president of Classic Sleep Products, wanted that edge, too, so he targeted tickings with certain characteristics -- and a certain message -- when he began a major push of his new Dormia line of latex bedding.
Caption(s): Stearns & Foster tells its company story with its ticking / Left: Serta carefully selected its tickings to create a special look for its Perfect Day beds.
Create a mattress ticking strong enough to work for innerspring mattresses, be printable, have a soft, workable hand and remain cost effective against low end woven tickings.
In the upholstered furniture segment, in which nonwovens have already achieved high penetration, the largest end use is cushion ticking in conjunction with shredded or solid fill materials (Figure 1).
Classic Sleep Products, known for its latex-and-memory foam beds -- viewed as proven health-oriented products -- has used natural lyocell, a cellulose-based component, in its tickings for the past two years.
Deslee Textiles USA, a mattress-ticking manufacturer, started creating wellness-oriented tickings at the behest of bedding manufacturers that wanted to ride the growing interest by consumers for healthful rest and sleep aids.
said that he responds to requests from bedding manufacturers for more colorful tickings.
The Athena model from United Sleep Products lures shoppers with its colorful floral tickings.
Several retailers did their looking during the October furniture market in High Point, and what they found was greater diversification in tickings, comfort ranges and cushioning materials.
United Sleep Products introduced a rainbow of colorful tickings for its innerspring mattresses.
During the October furniture market in High Point, Scott Nelles, vice president of merchandising at Burlington House, invited me to sit in on a presentation of new mattress tickings with executives from Jamison Bedding, a Franklin, Tenn.