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a permit formerly given to convicts allowing them to leave prison under specific restrictions

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Once installed in the colony, the convict's life was one of unpaid manual labour, until he or she had worked long enough to qualify for a ticket-of-leave, the final stage before release.
Once the convict had reached a certain level (6,000 marks for a 7-year sentence, 8,000 marks for 14 years and so on) he would qualify for his ticket-of-leave, and a return to the mainland.
Of the 920 prisoners given their ticket-of-leave and allowed to return to the mainland, only 20 re-offended.
The first major legislation concerning conditional release occurred in 1899 in the form of the Ticket-of-Leave Act, which offered offenders early release (clemency) that was independent of earned remission.
Over time, the Ticket-of-Leave system evolved into a more systematic and organized method of managing early release that closely resembles modern day parole.