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the circulatory organ of the body


Synonyms for ticker

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These tickers are used to display the information inside a building complex.
Led tickers are used for outdoor display of information.
This process automatically tags each transcript with key company names and tickers, notable executives and government officials, as well as categorizes each story across multiple topics using a high-precision, relevance-based processing engine.
Newstex processes blogs in real-time through its NewsRouter technology to automatically tag each blog post with key data such as company names, stock tickers, key executives and government officials, and detailed topical categories for distribution to downstream enterprise customers to ensure greater exposure and reach for this valuable content.
Newstex collects full-text digital news and commentary feeds, standardizes the content format, adds stock ticker symbols, people tickers and categories, and instantly delivers the result as easy-to-integrate XML or RSS newsfeeds.
The new TradingExpert Pro is the first to give investors a trading tool that allows back-testing of multiple trading strategies real-time and end of day--not on just one ticker at a time, but on a database of tickers of the investor's choosing.
By combining News Tickers with the Integrable News Content package, clients can enable their users to click through scrolling AP headlines to retrieve full AP stories on news categories including U.
Enhancing publisher content by adding tickers is a key COMTEX value-add that over 1100 customers depend on for effective access to targeted content.
com offers real time data, customized charts, portfolios, and stock tickers, as well as company news, e-alerts with breaking information, and top quality investing tools and analyses.