tibialis muscle

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either of two skeletal muscle in each leg arising from the tibia

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Initially, she had no active movement in bilateral lower extremities, but with continued FES treatment she began to demonstrate motor return in bilateral lower extremities and was able to return to ambulation after 11 FES treatments, with decreased amounts of electrical stimulation required to achieve muscle tetany and produce an active muscle contraction (Figure 2) for all muscles with the exception of the left anterior tibialis muscle.
We found that the length of the muscle belly of the musculus tibialis muscle and extensor digitorum longus in adults was 75% to 89% of the length of the tibia whereas the normal length should not exceed 55% to 60%.
Wilmington, MA) were injected in the tibialis muscle with 100 [micro]g of pcWNV-Cp-DJY or pcDNA3.
Rambis suffered a laceration of the anterior tibialis muscle and needed sutures to repair the damage.