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abnormally enlarged thyroid gland

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The frequency of thyromegaly was found to be 67% (n = 39) in patients with hypothyroidism and 51%(n=23) in euthyroid patients.
On physical exam, the patient had bilateral erythematous conjunctiva associated with exophthalmoses without any evidence of lid lag or thyromegaly.
neck examination revealed diffuse thyromegaly with a bruit on auscultation.
Patient with tracheal, neck and spinal abnormalities, previous tracheostomy or neck surgery, thyromegaly, soft tissue infection in the neck, severe hypoxemia, uncorrectable coagulopathy, thrombocyte count <50,000, severe hemodynamic instability or autonomic dysfunction, severe sepsis and status epilepticus were excluded.
If normal, depending upon the clinical symptom of thyroid dysfunction, thyromegaly, abnormal growth pattern, fluctuating blood glucose level, thyroid function and thyroid autoantibody should be monitored every 1 to 2 yearly.
The neck was supple, without thyromegaly or adenopathy.
CECT neck showing diffuse thyromegaly with heterogeneously enhancing small hypodense area close to posterior aspect of right lobe of thyroid, right cervical lymphadenopathy.
Children with central hypothyroidism will not have thyromegaly, but may have papilledema and visual field defects (Lifshitz, 1996).