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a ductless glandular organ at the base of the neck that produces lymphocytes and aids in producing immunity

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In non-mammalian, ghrelin-ip cells have also been found in the stomach, intestines, pancreas, heart, liver, hypothalamus, cerebrum, cerebellum, thymus gland, and bursa of Fabricius (Kaiya et al.
The next time you experience uncomfortable emotions, simply tap the thymus gland, using your fingertips, and breathe deeply.
When accidental bleeding happens on the posterior wall of vena cava during the procedure of vena cava cannulation [Figure 1]a, two pieces of thymus gland tissue around 2 cm x 1 cm were taken as the mattress tips, and these two pieces of tissue were put aside the bottom of vena cava, then use Prolene (Ethicon, Somerville, NJ, USA) to pass through the interspace under the posterior wall to make a mattress suture [Figure 1]b and c.
Arnason has delivered with his prolific, ongoing investigation into T cells, a type of white blood cell that develops in the thymus gland and impacts the immune system.
During surgery they found she had no thymus gland and therefore no immune system.
Taking thymus gland extract increases the tone, function and activity of this gland.
Considering the larger size of the thymus in adolescence, after surgery the thymic residue is larger and the peripheral part of the thymus could remain in place even after removal of the thymus compared with younger patients whose entire thymus gland is removed.
He was the first surgeon on Long Island to perform robotic-assisted bilobectomy lung surgery and robotic-assisted surgical removal of the thymus gland.
In terms of anatomy, sweetbreads are the thymus gland of young calves, lambs, pigs, and kids.
The thymus gland is where T lymphocytes (also called T cells) mature early in life.
Thymus gland, vessel structures or any other tissue was not observed in the venous tuft region or in the mediastinum.
For example, one early treatment might be for the genetic disease DeGeorge syndrome, in which some newborns are born without a thymus gland and die in infancy.
The dividing cells within the bone marrow, lymph nodes and thymus gland are also destroyed.