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rare doglike carnivorous marsupial of Tasmania having stripes on its back

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SMA, an index of the size of the temporalis muscle and bite force at the canines, approaches significance among the quolls in Tasmania, among the quolls and the devil in Tasmania, and among all four species in Tasmania when the smallest interval, that between the female thylacine and the male devil, is removed.
Settlers blamed a tiger that had perhaps escaped from a zoo, others an Assyrian wolf and others a Thylacine (local souvenir shops still feature the Tantanoola animal as a Thylacine).
After all it has been here much longer than the fox, yet apparently has only caused the extinction of two species on the mainland; the Thylacine and the Tasmanian devil.
The last Thylacine (also known as the Tasmanian tiger, or Tasmanian wolf, though it was neither tiger nor wolf) died in captivity in 1936, a sad end to an animal that once roamed Australia, Papua New Guinea, and Tasmania.
two contracts awarded by Woodside Energy Ltd as part of the Otway Gas Project which include the subsea development of the Geographe and the Thylacine gas fields, both located offshore Australia as well as the associated onshore gas plant (EUR 200 million);
The last wild thylacine, or Tasmanian tiger, was shot in 1930.
Margaret Wild (text) The Dream of the Thylacine Allen & Unwin
Lowry and Lowry (1967), for example, found a desiccated Thylacine carcass in a Nullabor cave, and Balme et al.
The project includes an offshore platform in the Thylacine Field and gas plant to be built by Technip near Port Campbell.
The parallels with the plight of modern-day threatened species are there and the fact that Tasmania has adopted the thylacine as a symbol of conservation makes you wonder if we have learned anything at all.
Such apocryphal apparitions exist in popular `confidential' stories, much as the thylacine does in Tasmania.
The Otway Gas Project includes the development of the Geographe and the Thylacine gas fields, both located about 70 km south of Port Campbell, Victoria.
Otway Gas Plan comprises of two offshore gas fields, Geographe and Thylacine, and an onshore gas processing installation near Port Campbell in south-west Victoria.
Also called a 'thylacine,' the last known member of the species died in a zoo in Hobart, Tasmania in September 1936 (three years after the last live thylacine was found and captured in the wild).
Not so much a werewolf as a thylacine story, Thyla starts with a girl who has lost her memory.