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Synonyms for thwarting

an act of hindering someone's plans or efforts

preventing realization or attainment of a desire

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According to the senior officer, the unit has also been very effective in thwarting dozens of potential attacks by lone-wolf Palestinians in the West Bank since the beginning of the latest wave of violence, which broke out in 2015.
2011) demonstrated that experiences of need thwarting entailed more than just the mere absence of need satisfaction.
In order to derive a more complete explanation, Stokols identifies two additional factors: (a) the nature/source of the thwarting of expectations, and (b) the perceived availability of alternative courses of action.
Metnor's chief executive, Stephen Rankin, said Ash & Lacy's decision not to allow access to its books for due diligence was thwarting its ambitious plans for the company.
Riyadh, Dhu-AlQa'dah 13, 1438, Aug 5, 2017, SPA -- Al-Batha customs officers have succeeded in thwarting an attempt of smuggling a quantity of 419,653 Captagon pills into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Arsal residents announces their innocence of car bomb, women Day of thwarting terrorism from Beirut to Bek AL-AKHBAR: Bloody Sunday: Is it thwarted?
But we have been thwarting and will thwart these conspiracies in future, he asserted.
In a cover letter to Mr Lenihan, Fr Faul said he hoped the Ambassador "will cease thwarting our efforts in the cause of justice and peace in the north of Ireland".
Notification also stated that congregations of Eid Prayer would be held inside Masajid and seminaries and directed to ensure tight security arrangements on the eve to avert thwarting incident.
But given that both organizations have spent decades fighting reform, it seems they may have something more nefarious up their sleeves, namely, thwarting charters through a combination of bureaucratic obstruction and smoke-and-mirrors PR.
Tiravanija succeeds by thwarting the curating of many of his objects: If his wok is not continually used it will rust or grow fungus; if his plants, his bamboo tree, are put into archival storage, they'll die.
EntryProtect is integrated with the software application to protect all sensitive data entry within that application - thwarting all software based keystroke loggers.
It has been achieved through the security operation the following results: First: Thwarting of four terrorist operations reached advanced stages of preparation as follows: 1-Thwarting of an operation dated 13/05/1437 H that was targeting one of the employees of the Ministry of Defense in Riyadh after monitoring and processing of explosive device to be attached to his car.
Notification also stated that congregations of 'Eid Prayer' would be held inside Masajid and seminaries and directed to ensure tight security arrangements on the eve to avert thwarting incident.
Kyser said seismic retrofitting requirements are also thwarting the industry, with various facilities deciding to sell their properties because of the sheer cost of new construction.