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Synonyms for thwarting

an act of hindering someone's plans or efforts

preventing realization or attainment of a desire

References in classic literature ?
Perhaps it was just a thwarting of His purpose by the Power of Evil.
So, so,' muttered Ralph, dropping into his chair; 'this devil is loose again, and thwarting me, as he was born to do, at every turn.
You can't imagine how she lectures me: I am disobedient and ungrateful; I am thwarting her wishes, wronging my brother, and making myself a burden on her hands.
She rebelled against her lot, she fainted under its loneliness, and fits even of anger and hatred toward her father and mother, who were so unlike what she would have them to be; toward Tom, who checked her, and met her thought or feeling always by some thwarting difference,--would flow out over her affections and conscience like a lava stream, and frighten her with a sense that it was not difficult for her to become a demon.
Arsal residents announces their innocence of car bomb, women Day of thwarting terrorism from Beirut to Bek AL-AKHBAR: Bloody Sunday: Is it thwarted?
But we have been thwarting and will thwart these conspiracies in future, he asserted.
We will not compromise in that area and I will put whatever resources are necessary into thwarting the dissidents.
Notification also stated that congregations of Eid Prayer would be held inside Masajid and seminaries and directed to ensure tight security arrangements on the eve to avert thwarting incident.
Ruiz came to the aid of the woman who had provided him with the opportunity to salvage some self-respect and succeeded in thwarting the robbery.
That's tremendous progress in thwarting those who seek to destroy our global community.
By thwarting cells from making inflammatory proteins, an experimental drug protects diabetes-prone mice from developing the disease, a new study has found.
One port that seems to be losing out on all of this is Montevideo, where local businesses and politics keep thwarting attempts for international companies to privatize the port.
Metnor Group, the Geordie galvaniser which wants to buy Black Country engineer Ash & Lacy, has hit out at the board of the Midland company for thwarting its bid and depriving shareholders of the possibility of a better deal.