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a dull hollow sound

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The drummer (strange for an electronic band) beat out a cavernous thunk, as the keyboards built an atmospheric dirge.
The ball climbs, rolls and -- thunk -- collides flush with the pin.
The Beatles and philosophy; nothing you can think that can't be thunk.
That solid thunk of the closing doors echoes the Legend's expensive and well-built feel.
The foot-operated parking brake has received extra damping on release, meaning the horrid thunk that plagued many a Mercedes on move-off is replaced by a muffled thud.
Later, a sudden loud thunk against the window screen woke me from a deep sleep.
Where critical hand-wringing over the evils of the fair has done little more than serve up a few crowd-pleasing indictments of that old bogeyman "the market," the Art Fair Artist penetrates commerce's inner sanctum, "performs" the fair by donning the guise of the carnival shill, and in so doing defamiliarizes the fair by making the usual mercantile, critical, and social exchanges strange and even (who would have thunk it
He raises the axe with his large arms and swings down at an angle, the blade cutting into the bark with a thunk.
As the thunk of the nail gun and the scream of the radial saw have become the background music for my life, I have seen more and more materials go into our new house: wood from cedar, locust, cypress, and pine trees, metal mined from the ground, glues and finishes concocted from mysterious combinations of earth's elements.
A skunk sat on a stump and thunk the stump stunk, but the stump thunk the skunk stunk.
Their arrival is heralded by a metallic cranking sound followed by a noisy thunk.
First, I did not feel the solid "thunk, thunk, thunk" that usually accompanies a change in landing-gear configuration.
This recording seems destined to become one of those "who'da thunk it?
From the innocuous "handicapped," "handicapper," and "disabled" to the more crass "gimp," "crip," and "cripple" to the ridiculous "differently-abled" (that some well-intended soul thunk up and earned $50,000 in a contest)--the PN staff has seen 'em, used 'em, or ignored 'em.
Who'da thunk the stuff was as toxic as toxic gets, and that today we'd be grappling with the legacy of mercury, not only in our fillings (where it now masquerades as "silver"), but also in our air, water, and the fish we eat?