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Synonyms for thunderous

Synonyms for thunderous

loud enough to cause (temporary) hearing loss

extremely ominous

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His thunderous condemnation both of Bush and of members of Congress should go down as one of the great Senate speeches.
The inspiring video received a thunderous standing ovation by hundreds of guests at the Hall of Fame.
Drummer Matt Tong's insistent, thunderous rhythm beds ground the band's sharpest production yet.
Reduce the thunderous whir of the jet engine to a whimper with Sharper Image noise-cancellation headphones, $49,95.
77 seconds with a thunderous performance at the Tsiklitiria Super Grand Prix meeting in the Olympic Stadium, Athens.
Heavy '70s rock and blues catapults their thunderous stoner doom trademark.
As Farrington notes, the voices of African American women artists "are now thunderous and will continue to resonate over time.
He begins with the pioneering work of Charles Darwin in the mid-19th century, and the thunderous debates it touched off in Victorian England, and continues with some of the more terrible consequences of the early 20th century.
As the sand slips, a thunderous boom cracks from the dune.
Pierce diverted a thunderous cross from Gavin Davies to restore Rhyl's lead until Wardleworth's late leveller.
She was totally in touch with her audience and left the stage to the sound of thunderous applause and everyone on their feet still wanting more.
It started with a thunderous artillery blast from the U.
Coming down the broad path leading to the clubhouse, Watson and Edwards linked arms and strode the final 40 yards to a thunderous chorus of voices chanting, "Bruce
He was not offensive, and when he finished, he received thunderous applause.
If any in the overflow audience at the April 24 Ritz Carlton event had doubts, they were muffled by thunderous applause as Pataki told the assembled luncheon audience what they came to hear.