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instrument of torture that crushes the thumb

screw designed to be turned with the thumb and fingers

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But despite its limitations, The Riot Club grips like a thumbscrew.
The barrel of the gun has an inner rod with a thumbscrew at the end.
On the back of the unit is an on/off switch and the thumbscrew.
When used with the included USB cable with a SeaLATCH USB type B connector, the metal thumbscrew provides a secure connection to the device and prevents accidental cable disconnection.
S-5026r -RIOT Faceshield-(Clear) Shall Have Full Flip Polycarbonate With Neoprene Rubber Liquid Seal-Attached With Thumbscrew And Spring Steel Clip.
M16A2 thumbscrew kit (includes thumbscrew, washer, special washer, and O-ring), NSN 5305-01-559-3863
However, my no-nonsense interview technique - and the application of a thumbscrew - eventually results in a more believable answer from the Hall Green-based author.
Thumbscrew sight glass fasteners provide solid lockdown and fast "no tools" horizontal adjustment.
While the hydraulic pressure temporarily secures the mold, a manual thumbscrew mechanically locks the clamp in the closed position so that the hydraulic power can then be released.
99 and key features include rugged rubber feet, multiple position locking legs, a Hi-Torque Thumbscrew and direct GoPro camera connection.
The microphone is held on the boom with a thumbscrew.
Atheists and agnostics were finally saved from the rack, the thumbscrew and the gallows by the civilising influences of the Enlightenment and, since then, by the growing acceptance of rational thought at the expense of dogmatic ignorance.
Hanging is an obscene survivor from the days of the thumbscrew and other medieval tortures.
The ECD54-1553 card provides many industry-first features, including a rugged thumbscrew, low profile connector, an A/D signal capture and full 1553 signal generator.
Additional features include a Wi-Fi remote clip, Hi-Torque thumbscrew, and removable wrist-strap attachment.