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the nail of the thumb

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As more publishers choose to live stream their content, Neon Live allows them to have a frequently updated image thumbnail that captures recent events within the footage, driving people to view the content live.
They also give the subject of the thumbnail a depth of field, making the subject stand out even more.
New thumbnails can be added manually one at a time while playing or as burst captures starting with a specific video scene thumbnail.
The developers at 'euris 4c' showed some surprise about the hype around thumbnail integration.
So when you command Explorer to display your files as thumbnails (see below), because you want to get a miniature image of a graphic file, Explorer turns to the Thumbs.
The developers at "euris 4c" showed some surprise about the hype around thumbnail integration.
One of a number of predefined themes (such as photos of cats and dogs) is chosen by the user, who then chooses a series of thumbnail photos using the PDA's stylus.
NetVisualize Favorites Organizer makes easy work of organizing your favorites or bookmarks, by generating thumbnail images for each site you have visited.
It is based on a synthesis of recent data on chronological changes in the use of raw materials (quartz and Darwin Glass) and thumbnail scrapers, and how these may reflect broader-based changes in mobility and the relative employment of curated components to the toolkit.
Enhancements to web traffic management platform include wild-card redirection, screen capture, thumbnail and QR code generation
If the photo already has an embedded thumbnail image in it, that thumbnail picture is stored in the document management system.
By installing the ArcSoft RAW Thumbnail Viewer[TM] plug-in, users can see thumbnails of most RAW photo formats right within the "Thumbnails" view of Windows Explorer -- instead of the generic icon that Windows displays by default.
You click on a bigger dot and the whole grid expands toward you and there is a little circular thumbnail.
Explore but don't touch what seem to be similar collections from the university of thumbnail images but with entry forbidden to the big versions.