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the hole in a woodwind that is closed and opened with the thumb

a finger hole made to fit the thumb (as in a bowling ball)

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If you're a thumbhole stock fan, you'll love this rifle, though the design does make the usually handy tang safety a bit tougher to reach.
My wife has an Encore rifle set up with a thumbhole stock and she absolutely prefers it to the other configurations.
The durable polystyrene surface offers a sanitary working area for mixing liquid or cream foundations, lipsticks and eye shadows, while the convenient thumbhole provides a comfortable grip.
The entire sensor package, incorporating a rechargeable battery, was shrink-wrapped and inserted into the thumbhole.
It is constructed from an aluminum barrel with a precision diecast riser, recoil dampening inserts, composite thumbhole stock and an over-molded recoil pad.
These days she struggles getting a clean edge with a ruler and scalpel when trying to cut and mount work, and using scissors is no easier as she has to put her fingers in the thumbhole and thumb in the finger hole.
These latter are a curved horn with integral mouthpiece, three fingerholes and a thumbhole, captioned (and literally) krum horn, the rustic prototype of the curved, leather-covered wooden cornetts; a vessel block flute with the same fingerhole dispositions, made from chamois horn; and a very small block flute of bone with four fingerholes, captioned russpfeif.
holds patent rights, manufacturing rights and marketing rights for interchangeable thumbhole inserts for bowling balls.
25 inches Stock: Comfortek, molded glass-filled polypropylene Grip: Thumbhole pistol grip with brush guard Forearm: Pass-through, molded glass-filled polypropylene Overall advertised length: 35.
requirements by changing some features, such as removing the bayonet lug and redesigning the stock into a thumbhole type.
Featuring a laminate wood stock with a Monte Carlo cheekpiece and a thumbhole grip for extra stability when shooting long, the rifle sports a matte blue barrel and a short-throw bolt to chamber a round quickly.
Boyd's, however, makes a handsome laminate for the M340 reasonably priced at $129, and even a racy-looking thumbhole.
Thumbhole stocks, thumb rests, heel rests and spirit levels are allowed, and palm rests are permitted in the standing position.
The Defensor[TM] sleeves are 18" long and come with a thumbhole at the end.
The Benchmade Pink Griptilian sports their AXIS locking system with ambidextrous thumbhole or stud and a 2.