thrust bearing

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a bearing designed to take thrusts parallel to the axis of revolution

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Vaidya and Sadeghi (2008) illustrated analytically that in an orbiting thrust bearing usually encountered in scroll compressors, wide and shallow circular pockets improve thrust bearing lubrication performance as compared to radial circular grooves.
Benefits: Honda calculates the advanced carbide inserts outlast the brazed carbide cutting edges by 133% in both the crank relief and thrust bearing operations.
In the quest for understanding the orbiting thrust bearing Kulkarni (1990) proposed an approach to design the inner and outer radii of thrust bearing to take into account axial load as well as any twisting moment.
This reducer rotates on a large thrust bearing weighing 444 pounds.
A new load-equalizing thrust bearing that can be stacked to accommodate axial loads in diametrically limited spaces has been announced by RIDE Technologies.
The 1900 Series is equipped with a double-acting thrust bearing and bronze bushing.
Sealing pressure between the disk and mating block is provided by a spring riding on a ball thrust bearing.
The machined Nylatron NSM nylon parts--an axle nosecone bearing, a steering kingpin thrust bearing, and two body pivot bushings--are simpler in design (fewer parts, less cost); can be run dry (no lubrication); are lightweight and easier to install; and provide longer service life and reduced maintenance costs.
The thrust bearing pack is more durable and is designed to handle more weight on bit than most existing technology.
Tenders are invited for Thrust Bearing & Journal Bearing
A melt transducer downstream of the screen pack will alert operators if flow to the die is restricted, while one upstream of the screen pack will warn of a high-pressure situation that may produce excessive wear to the screw's thrust bearing.
Other advantages are said to include a thrust bearing for easy pin adjustment and a mandrel that swings out for simple cleaning.
Quotation are invited for Dismantling of thrust & journal bearing assembly and Rebabting of thrust bearing assembly including removal of white metal, rebabting, machining and polishing as per sample for 1 No.
The patent relates to a downhole thrust bearing assembly which bearing assembly is a key component in directional drilling.