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I call it throwing money at problems rather than leadership.
What we have stopped doing at this club is throwing money at people.
A recent IMF report acknowledges that it kept throwing money at Argentina, "even after it had become evident in the late 1990s that the political ability to deliver the necessary fiscal discipline and structural reforms was lacking.
Meanwhile, William Easterly, in a fascinating discussion of education policy in the developing world, cautions against building human capital simply by throwing money at schools.
There is ample history to demonstrate that throwing money at problems resolves nothing in the long term.
Historically, throwing money at building was one of the signs of successful government.
It seems this council wants to go back to old Labour ways, throwing money at a problem in the hope it will go away.
If, as it is moderately popular to suppose, the United States has passed its zenith and entered a long period of decline, anthropologists of the next century will look back in amazement at an arrangement whereby the most ambitious and brightest members of each generation were siphoned off the productive work force, trained to think like a lawyer, and put to work chasing one another around in circles; where, as things got worse and worse, social reformers, cured by the Republicans of the habit of trying to solve all problems by throwing money at them, took to throwing lawyers at them instead; and where the portion of the population that went through a typical year happily oblivious of the legal profession slipped from two-thirds to one-half, to a quarter, to none at all.
Duncan McDougall, Greenock I WAS sick to read of the way the Goverment are throwing money at chemists to treat drug addicts.