throwing away

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getting rid something that is regarded as useless or undesirable


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Instead of throwing away bread, it can be reused for animals.
People are even more in the dark about the food left in their freezers, with 12 per cent confessing to throwing away an item that was more than a year past its sell by date.
At the other extreme, 9 EU member states are still throwing away more than 75 percent of their municipal waste.
26, the head of the Estonian Food Association Sirje Potisepp noted that in Estonia, throwing away food is not yet as great a problem as in the wealthy European countries.
CHRISTMAS diners on Tyneside are being encouraged to make the most of their freezers and stop throwing away so much food.
UK households are throwing away more than a million tonnes less food than they were a few years ago, according to figures released today.
1 (ANI): Manchester City coach Roberto Mancini has reportedly told Italian striker Mario Balotelli to cut out the "c**p" - or risk throwing away his career.
LEWIS HAMILTON was as good as his word at Suzuka yesterday, on the day he was accused of throwing away the title.
Summary: Friends of the Earth says the UK is wasting hundreds of millions of pounds a year by throwing away rubbish which could be recycled.
BRITONS are wasting billions of pounds and damaging the environment by throwing away their clothes, according to a study released today.
Sell-by dates are used by retailers for stock control - but can end up confusing customers into throwing away perfectly good food.
Forty per cent risk their clients' identities by throwing away information which includes home addresses, phone numbers and photocopies of passports - all of which can be used by a criminal to steal a person's identity.
Girabay then ran away, throwing away his gun, and ending up on the freeway.
A woman who tried to show her disgust for a controversial stage show by throwing away a flyer got more than she bargained for when she was fined pounds 50 for littering.
This just gets back to common-sense approaches to crime rather than just locking them up and throwing away the key.