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(rugby) an act or instance of throwing a ball in to put it into play

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Delap is dangerous through his throw-ins because they are horizontal, you have no time to get to the ball, it comes like an arrow, it comes flat and it's so difficult to defend against.
Scoring three times directly off throw-ins, Westlake buried visiting Hart of Newhall early and won 5-1 to reach Tuesday's second round.
Of course the manager always gives us some information about how they play and where they are dangerous and we know Stoke are dangerous from set-pieces and especially throw-ins.
Toss in composure, a good work ethic and head- turning throw-ins and you get Quartz Hill's Kyle Lympany.
McLean is one of Valencia's newcomers, but the Cowboys said they knew about her powerful, acrobatic throw-ins and tried to prepare for them.
McLean, who was a gymnast until the age of 11, observed a young player in a rec game perform an acrobatic throw-in and figured she could do it too.
Antrim footballers have an early throw-in time of 1pm against London, which will allow the Saffrons to fly home earlier on the Saturday evening.
ELLAND PE teacher Danny Brooks (pictured) has broken a world record with the longest-ever football throw-in.
Southgate deployedone of his junior players to send a series of long throw-ins into the penalty area, in preparation for those which will arrive tomorrow from Stoke's long throw-in specialist Rory Delap.
But one throw-in, delivered by Aston Villa defender Olof Mellberg, will dwell forever in the annals of favourite Birmingham City moments.
Brown got a pen and pad out to draw the shape of scorer Nacho Novo's run and the placement of the throw-in.
I'd love to know how much time was wasted on Saturday by a team whose only tactic is to 'play for the corner flag' and hope to win a throw-in from which one of their 'jump-at-the-man' forwards will bundle the ball in the net.
Royal tied it at the 34-minute mark when Jose Medina's throw-in bounced high in front of the net and was knocked in by Taylor.
However, the moment that sticks out for many Toon fans is his somersault throw-in at Ayresome Park.