forward pass

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a pass to a receiver downfield from the passer

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The Sindh government for early completion of the scheme provided throw-forward amount of Rs392.
The chief minister said that its total throw-forward is Rs492.
The damage to the minister's car was not great, but the force of the throw-forward within the confined space of the car damaged the atlanto axial joint in his neck, and severely injured the spinal cord.
5 % increase in Local Component of ADP, 14% increase in Foreign Assistance of which about 79 % is grant, 56 % allocations for 711 on-going Projects & 44 % allocation for 540 new Projects, Throw-forward on the lower side, 2-3 yrs, Priority to consolidation than expansion, Priority to Health, Education, Energy & Power, Sports, Tourism & Youth Affairs, Provisions for reform initiatives especially in Health, Education, IT, Skill Dev.
Emphasis is on consolidating the PSDP and to keep the throw-forward of projects within a manageable limit
PSDP contributes towards economic development of Pakistan, therefore, emphasis has been given on its rationalization in light of its increasing throw-forward of over Rs.