throw together

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  • verb

Synonyms for throw together

produce shoddily, without much attention to detail

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bring into random order

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It's official: prolific alt-whatever songwriter Adams can throw together a bunch of demo cuts and it sounds better than 90 percent of the fully engineered albums released nowadays.
The promotional garlic dishes are available for a limited time only and can be found on the restaurant's catering menu -- a delicious way to throw together summer gatherings in a flash
This episode seems fairly easy to assemble - just throw together some of the copious amounts of footage available from that day, and toss in a few interviews, many of which seem pretty specious - reporters from tabloid-news programs and folks who watched the spectacle on TV are featured, along with policemen who participated in the chase, as are relatives of the victims Denise Brown and Kim Goldman.
Finding the perfect recipe for success in the restaurant business isn't something you can just throw together the night before.
JUST ADD WATER: Throw together some of the biggest names in Hollywood and give them 24 hours to write, rehearse and perform a play and see what happens.