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Remove throw rugs that can become tripping hazards and never use the stairs to house decorative objects.
If you are out in the mud and then have to walk on carpets, keep some shoe covers (medical supply stores have them) in your vehicle or carry washable throw rugs with you.
It will also protect everyday objects such as throw pillows, table cloths and throw rugs.
When assessing the home environment, the team looks for uneven ground, steps or ramps into the house, stairs in the home, clutter, throw rugs, floor surfaces, lighting, and bathroom issues (shower or tub, nonslip mat, grab bars, etc.
The biggest cash infusion is at the start of the school year, when thousands of students hit local stores, buying everything from desk lamps to throw rugs, to decorate their dorm rooms and apartments.
We would line up throw rugs on the hardwood floor and assign a musical note name to each of them.
Animal-print bedding, furry throw rugs, a soft-green chair and the desk-minus-the-hutch (instructions follow).
Make sure throw rugs are tacked or taped down securely.
Perform an organization-wide falls risk assessment to critically evaluate for proper lighting; handrail placement and integrity; and presence of trip hazards, such as throw rugs, uneven steps, slippery areas, and other hazards.
Woolrich Home includes fuzzy flannel sheets, oversized down comforters, cozy blankets, decorative pillows and thick throw rugs.
Eliminate throw rugs, electrical cords, and other clutter laying on the floor.
This is the worst business climate I've ever experienced:" says the 45-year-old merchant, sitting behind his desk amid imitation Asian throw rugs and toilet-seat covers.
Remove common tripping hazards: throw rugs, electrical cords, magazines, and items on floors, especially in the pathways between rooms and those within a room, such as between the sofa and a table.
Munson's installation echoed these chilling rooms: around a child's bed were arranged small armchairs, a settee, and dressing tables, all with flowered upholstery; the room itself scattered with throw rugs and crammed with flowered cushions, bouquets of fake flowers, knickknacks, padded hangers, empty heart-shaped Valentine's Day boxes, and hundreds of small stuffed animals - mostly bunnies.