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a small rug


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The contract includes the following: Gloves, Soap Products, Textile cleaning agents, Mop cleaning agents, Dish-cleaning agents, Chemicals, Mops, Napkins, Pads, Stands, handles, frames, Floor Care, Throw rugs, Misc.
Our four Labs, fed and now snoring, were stretched out on the floor like throw rugs when one of them--I think it was Bob's yellow Lab Pearl--expelled gas.
Things like throw rugs, tissue holders, mirrors and decorative pillows range from $10 to $80.
Like candles, throw rugs enable consumers to add an affordable splash of color to their homes.
It turned out that offices, which were neat and orderly, decorated with soft touches like pillows and throw rugs, and which featured personal touches like diplomas and framed photos were given higher marks.
Sloping tiled roofs, cool stone floors with throw rugs, block wood furniture allow maximum comfort while continuing the illusion of being in the wilds.
Throw rugs with latex backing rubber shelf liners, bath tub mats, rubber bands, and rubber utensils were some of the items eliminated.
Tip: For maximum hair removal, vacuum throw rugs first, then air fluff them in your dryer before washing, wash then dry.
Featuring Far East ethnic qualities and vibrant colour palettes, their mainstream appeal has exploded of late, defining toss cushions, bedding, draperies and throw rugs.
Think about the traffic patterns in your home and make a clean sweep of any clutter that obstructs your path, including throw rugs that aren't tacked down and electrical cords.
The group needs winter jackets, electric toothbrushes, scrapbooks, facial kits, bath sets, pastel-colored shag throw rugs and pillows.
Remove throw rugs that can become tripping hazards and never use the stairs to house decorative objects.
The uncredited set design suits the grandmother tales, since its comfy chair, fringed lamp and collection of dusty throw rugs have a vintage flavor.
If you are out in the mud and then have to walk on carpets, keep some shoe covers (medical supply stores have them) in your vehicle or carry washable throw rugs with you.
It will also protect everyday objects such as throw pillows, table cloths and throw rugs.