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a small rug


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You can also take the mat with you when you go out and use it in public or at friend's houses (this is why a small, portable throw rug or mat is ideal).
Next, Lane added a snazzy striped throw rug and ottoman from Target.
I wonder if I could get a baby in periwinkle to go with my cucumber throw rug.
Instead of synthetic carpeting, Spector suggests a natural-fiber throw rug made of wool, cotton, jute or sea grass.
He said in Llandudno, 'Wales had a third big idea, to integrate the NHS and local authorities so there would not be the same elderly person presenting at hospital because of an unsecured throw rug the local authority had not dealt with.
Included in the scrum are swatches of decorated paper, cutouts from a throw rug, yawning hippos out of a children's book, FBI "wanted" posters, dice and playing cards on newsprint, and a list of the Seven Deadly Sins.
Last year's entries included a replica of Mayor Feinstein's house and a gingerbread football field complete with half-time marching band--but the winner was a three-story cutaway of a house furnished down to a miniature dog snoozing on a throw rug in front of the fire.
Hide it in a small trash can, under the edge of a throw rug or stuffed between two pillows.
I knelt on the throw rug in the narrow hallway, knowing it is best to perform this unpleasant task in a confined space so the victim has less of a chance to escape.
The list includes, animal print cushions and a throw rug to decorate her dressing area, as well as vases of white tulips and lavender roses, reports the Daily Star.
A thick and colorful throw rug covers a white-tiled floor.
One final detail: A bold-striped throw rug was tossed down between the bed and seating area for a jolt of life to some very tired carpet.
SEATED in a comfortable chair in his airy office, oak floors and Oriental throw rug under his feet, Mahlon A.
Like most blind believers, I've been able to discount all the facts to the contrary--the kitty odors that lurk in the corners of the garage and dirt smudges that cling to the throw rug by the fireplace.