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Whenever Georgiana could escape from the thraldom of Podsnappery; could throw off the bedclothes of the custard- coloured phaeton, and get up; could shrink out of the range of her mother's rocking, and (so to speak) rescue her poor little frosty toes from being rocked over; she repaired to her friend, Mrs Alfred Lammle.
The mixture, which was at first of a reddish hue, began, in proportion as the crystals melted, to brighten in colour, to effervesce audibly, and to throw off small fumes of vapour.
He would have liked to have used a tremendous force, he said, throw off himself and become a better.
I think I should have emphasised his patience with the unsuitable mate, and the compassion which made him unwilling to throw off the yoke that oppressed him.
Ahead of Gordon Brown's speech to the Labour Party Conference, Derek Simpson the joint leader of Unite, is calling on the Prime Minister to throw off the shackles of new Labour and reveal the real Labour.
Data services VP Steven Statures says the computers will throw off enough heat to warm as many as 80 houses.
Chapters describe the techniques, skills and drills used by professional tennis players in their training sessions, as well as strategies for raising power, control, and defensive skills, recommended exercises, and solid tennis strategies, such as faking a net approach to throw off the opponent or using a "shuffle step" to reach tennis balls nearby.
We're not that stupid,'' said Bob Reller, a gang-blogger who said he spells his named backward to throw off police.
In a bid to throw off the reputation of being an elitist venue, Priory, which has already been handing out free tennis and squash coaching in schools over the last few years, will be showing off their facilities and sports programmes from 1pm-4pm.
Question part two: Taking drugs that make the brain produce unnaturally high levels of dopamine can throw off the brain's own ability to produce it.
Not only will it throw off black smoke and run rough (also known as pulsing), but the top and sides may glow red.
Since The Progressive doesn't see this, or refuses to mention it, perhaps you should throw off the mantle of the historical legacy of the Progressive Era and just admit your magazine is another voice of limousine liberalism.