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Synonyms for throng

Synonyms for throng

an enormous number of persons gathered together

a very large number of things grouped together

to congregate, as around a person

to come or go in large numbers

Synonyms for throng

a large gathering of people

press tightly together or cram

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by Times News ServiceBollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan flew in at the last moment for Amitabh Bachchan, who fell ill, and the crowds gathered in their throngs to catch a glimpse of the glitterati who have arrived in Oman this evening.
The soaring popularity of the tandem known as KathNiel has extended to fans overseas, with throngs of supporters among the first to see the movie at Novo Cinema in Dubai Festival City.
Mary's Hospital in London with the newborn to the excited throngs of media and well-wishers camped outside.
SANTA CLARITA -- For store owners awaiting next weekend's Amgen Tour of California, throngs of spectators and local residents getting excited about bicycling translates into one thing: sales opportunities.
Vancouver also saw throngs and legends including D Way, Sluggo, Gonz, Jake, and the Kings of Canuck.
Venezuela meanwhile, hosted the 50,000-strong World Social Forum, an anti-globalization event, where throngs of protestors--including U.
While the eternal fate of limbo-ites was being debated in the halls of the Vatican, the pope had another very important message to impart to the throngs gathered in St.
Cologne -- Over a million pilgrims turned out for the closing Mass of World Youth Day observances in this German city, capping several days of activities for Pope Benedict XVI and throngs of youth.
While throngs of dancers frugged, slid, and slinked to the music of the Beach Boys, Goodman remained serene as she articulated the lexicon of ballet vocabulary in alphabetical order, starting with ailes de pigeon; she was a symbol of the purity of a ballerina's concentration.
Many of the souvenir shops around Manger Square where olive-wood nativity sets were once sold to throngs of tourists were boarded up and the main street, which before the uprising would have been packed with tourist buses, was empty.
This, too, focuses outwardly--but on events unimportant to the race: enjoyment of the scenery, attention to throngs of cheering spectators or glimpses of outrageously costumed runners passing by.
Today's Austrians may he splendid fellows, but the cheering mob that greeted Hitler in Vienna in 1938 was not a whit less fervent than the throngs of Germans who cheered him at Nuremberg or when he renamed to Berlin from a conquered France in 1940.
There are no longer throngs of sick people in the US clamoring for treatment, for equitable access to care.
The perimeter of the blueness is edged with trees (an oak, two chestnuts and four London planes), all mature specimens with the necessary robustness to survive the exuberant ravages of pedestrian throngs.