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a blood clot formed within a blood vessel and remaining attached to its place of origin

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The visualization of a free-floating right heart thrombus in cases of acute pulmonary embolism is a rare phenomenon.
Upon evaluation of the patient, we found that she has a huge Right Renal tumour invading into the liver and adjacent structures in addition to a large malignant thrombus extending into the Inferior Vena Cava," he said.
Thrombus formation in the left ventricle (LV) generally occurs because of diseases that cause LV systolic dysfunction such as dilated cardiomyopathy, myocardial infarction, and aneurysm.
Patients with previous history of myocardial infarction, valvular heart disease, dilated Cardiomyopathy and mural thrombus were excluded.
Medical device company Inari Medical Inc reported on Monday that it has treated the first patient with its ClotTriever Thrombectomy System for the treatment of thrombus in large veins.
Clinically, left atrial or LA appendage (LA/LAA) thrombus provides objective evidence of AF-related stroke in several studies,[sup][9],[10] and it is used as a surrogate marker of potential stroke for the NVAF patients.
Aim of the present study is to determine the prevalence of various risk factors in a group of patients undergoing Primary Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PPCI) and the impact of these risk factors on the histopathological composition of thrombus.
Patients were assessed for the presence or absence of Left ventricular thrombus and its association with stroke.
At this moment we had strong arguments for a massive pulmonary embolism, thus proceeding with a pulmonary angiogram that revealed massive thrombus in the right pulmonary artery (RAP), with occlusion of the right and medial lobar bronchi, and subocclusion of the inferior one, and also multiple thrombus in the left pulmonary artery (LAP).
She was discharged in good condition with warfarin and ASA, and her thrombus was completely resolved.
Although catheter-related thrombus was initially suspected, the patient had a recent history of hemorrhagic brain metastases with an increased risk for anticoagulation.
The angiography showed LMCA and ostial Cx stenosis, and the OCT revealed a massive, organized thrombus in the LMCA involving the ostium of the Cx.
Spontaneous echo contrast (SEC) and thrombus in enlarged left atrium (LA) are common in mitral valvular disease (MVD) and SEC is considered to be a prethrombotic condition.
We report three cases of chronic AF without anticoagulation admitted for acute lower limb ischemia in which the embolic source was left an appendage (LAA) thrombus revealed only by transesophageal echocardiography (TEE).
Abdominal CT revealed images consistent with mural thrombus in the suprarenal segment of abdominal aorta, total occlusion and hypodense thrombus material completely filling the aortic lumen through infrarenal segment extending to lumens of the caudal, bilateral common and superior iliac arteries (Figs.