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affected with or obstructed by a clot of coagulated blood

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The pain associated with an anal fissure is distinct from that of an abscess or thrombosed hemorrhoid--it's a throbbing pain lasting minutes to hours per episode.
I want to know more about his thrombosed stent and treatments, especially as they pertain to my expertise with antiplatelet agents, and why it seemed he could wait up to "a couple of months" before undergoing a coronary artery bypass.
Most complications such as anal fissure, thrombosed external hemorrhoids, and prolonged pain may also relate to the deteriorated blood circulation within the mucosa of the anal canal.
The association of intraoperative observation thrombosed vessels, tumor aggressiveness in patients with worse prognosis and shorter time to relapse, suggests that it is real, however, the small number of cases, needs further investigation, including other findings and Immunohistochemistry results.
Hashimoto and Vibeto reported that there is no need to excise the thrombosed plexus, as evidenced by the good results in their case.
Computed tomography diagnosis of a primary aortoduodenal fistula in a patient with a partially thrombosed abdominal aortic aneurysm.
But close proximity of these probably thrombosed vessels with uterine fibroids and loss of intervening fats were raising strong suspicion of intravascular leiomyomatosis, which is a very rare entity.
Thrombosed vertebral arteries (2) and internal carotid arteries (2), and type I descending aortic injuries (3) were managed conservatively.
Arterial Doppler revealed a thrombosed pseudoaneurysm arising from right upper brachial artery with monophasic flow in distal brachial, radial and ulnar arteries.
Recognition as a normal variant is therefore important to radiologists and surgeons in order to prevent misdiagnosis as lymphadenopathy, thrombosed vein or other soft-tissue mass.
A hyperdense sinus may be the only sign of a thrombosed dural sinus in the absence of venous infarction (Figure 1A).
A hyperattenuating ring sign that represents the inflamed visceral peritoneal covering of the epiploic appendage and central dot sign that corresponds to engorged or thrombosed central vessels or central areas of hemorrhage or fibrosis are the two major CT features of EA (1).
Thrombosed splenic vein with intact splenic artery induces hypertensive short gastric veins that can develop into varices in the gastric fundal submucosa.
Figure 4 demonstrates a thrombosed pulmonary artery, explaining the subacute pulmonary hypertension.
In SVC syndrome, the head, neck, and upper limbs venous drainage bypasses the thrombosed SVC by the azygos, the lateral thoracic, internal mammary, and vertebral venous pathways.