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become blocked by a thrombus

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Thrombus will begin to form around the tip of the needle within a few seconds, and then the remainder of the sac should progressively thrombose.
TIVSs can thrombose or dislodge with disastrous consequences, so patients must be monitored closely.
Ce qu'on appelle en jargon medical, thrombose arterielle.
Que ce soit sur la creation des fistules, les complications des AV (stenose, thrombose, consequences cardiaques, anevrisme, ischemie .
Eyes with macular oedema, serous elevation of the sensory retina, or exudation should be treated by gentle laser photocoagulation to thrombose the aneurysm.
An AVF can thrombose in this early period, so lack of thrill or bruit should lead to an urgent referral to the surgeon for evaluation or repair.
anti-vitamines K, pour une duree > 6 mois, en traitement, d'un premier episode non complique, de thrombose veineuse profonde (pas de benefice demontre).
Even in the elderly, these, unstable lesions rupture, thrombose, and cause acute myocardial infarctions.
Even in the elderly, these unstable lesions rupture, thrombose, and cause acute myocardial infarctions.
Hemorrhoids also may thrombose, causing severe pain.
When orbital venous malformations hemorrhage and/or thrombose, they produce sustained proptosis and pain.
Hemorrhoids that bleed, thrombose, prolapse, or cause extreme pain and are unrelieved by conservative measures may justify surgery in a pregnant or puerperal patient, colorectal surgeon Dr.
doused with enough butter to thrombose a whole regiment of Paul Dudley Whites," a daube provencale, several guinea hens, some early spring asparagus, and three bottles of wine.
Prompt surgical intervention has been the standard for treating PAs, although they have been known to thrombose spontaneously.