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increase in the number of platelets in the blood which tends to cause clots to form

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Patient management is one of the common practices associated with malaria treatment for the reason that malaria depicts several disease complications such as cerebral malaria, profound thrombocytosis and thrombocytopenia, fever episodes, elevated body temperature and body aches and headaches (12, 14-16, 19)
4) Predictors of poor prognosis in SJIA include onset at less than 6 years of age, disease duration for greater than 5 years, or persistent systemic features at 6 months of disease including fever, the need for corticosteroids, and thrombocytosis.
Prevalence of thrombocytosis in critically ill patients and its association with symptomatic acute pulmonary embolism.
Characterization of 35 new cases with four different MPLW515 mutations and essential thrombocytosis or primary myelofibrosis.
Because the blood cells continue to metabolize these studies recommend that in patients with leukocytosis or thrombocytosis a glass syringe should be used and placed immediately on ice.
Our findings of increased megakaryocyte numbers, for example, suggest that there is an increased demand for cell delivery to the circulation consistent with an inflammatory response, and conceivably the promotion of thrombocytosis," said Dr.
Pseudohypoxemia secondary to leukemia and thrombocytosis.
Additional complications at follow-up consisted of TB (n=6, 2 of whom had extrapulmonary disease); pneumonia (n=5); severe lymphadenopathy (n=4); cardiac/renal disease (n=4) and haematological complications such as anaemia, thrombocytosis or neutrophilia (n=10).
Many factors can affect the platelet aggregation results, such as thrombocytopenia, thrombocytosis, processing temperature, stirring rate and processing time.
Hematological: this work has been postulated to account for reports of platelet dysfunction, thrombocytosis, entity related platelet III factor deficiency (6-26); although hemostasia assessing paraclinicals appear normal in these patients, there seems to exist a defect in the primary hemostasia, considering that 2/3 of the patients present menorrhagia, epistaxis, gingivorrhagia and gastro-intestinal bleeding (3-4) some authors suggest an increase in plasmatic fibrinolytic activity along with secondary bleeding (27)
37) reported that thrombocytosis that is increased by iron deficiency might lead to thrombosis, atherosclerosis and increased mortality.
More recently there have been concerns raised that high-dose ESAs may exacerbate cardiovascular morbidity and mortality as a result of negative effects on endothelial function and thrombocytosis due to iron deficiency (Dahl, Henry, & Coyne, 2008; Vaziri & Zhou, 2009).