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increase in the number of platelets in the blood which tends to cause clots to form

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The PDW has been found to be of some use in distinguishing essential thrombocythemia (increased PDW) from reactive thrombocytosis (PDW normal).
They found that 1 098 of 9 435 men with thrombocytosis had cancer diagnosed during the following year, compared with 106 of 2 599 men without thrombocytosis.
For example, according to the report, nearly one-third of patients with thrombocytosis and lung or colorectal cancer had no other symptoms of their cancer.
Now, a study of 40,000 patient records led by the University of Exeter Medical School found that more than 11% of men and 6% of women over the age of 40 with thrombocytosis went on to be diagnosed with cancer within a year.
Given the presence of cardiovascular risk factors with initially mild angina, essential thrombocytosis with thrombocytosis despite standard treatment, and the lack of a recent coronary angiography, it was justified to rule-out an acute coronary syndrome and clinically significant coronary artery disease, which was done by coronary angiography.
1] An increase in clotting factors, a decrease in anticoagulant proteins, thrombocytosis and thrombocyte hyperaggregation, abnormal fibrinolysis, an increase in plasma lipids, corticosteroid and diuretic treatment and immobilisation all cause an increased tendency to thrombosis in NS.
Interleukin-6 stimulates thrombopoiesis through thrombopoietin: role in inflammatory thrombocytosis.
The presence of oedema, due to the nature of the injury, and the high risk of thrombosis, due to thrombocytosis which occurs in lower limb injuries, makes the risk of failure very high.
His medical history included essential thrombocytosis, hypothyroidism, and a remote episode of shingles.
However, there were a few dengue-positive patients with thrombocytosis in this study.
Laboratory results show a microcytic anemia, leukocytosis, thrombocytosis, and increased C-reactive protein.
9]/l, neutrophils 53%, and bands 19%) and thrombocytosis (616 x [10.
A significant increase in erythrocyte count, its indices and thrombocytosis was observed during the study.