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Synonyms for throe

a violent, excruciating seizure of pain

a sensation of physical discomfort occurring as the result of disease or injury

a condition of anguished struggle and disorder

Words related to throe

severe spasm of pain

hard or painful trouble or struggle

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Websites vary in setup, but on eBay, for example, there are throe quick and easy steps: (1) Search for an item by inserting the item's name or by selecting a category; (2) Buy the item if the price is right.
In 1973, when Gross and Wilczek were at Princeton University and Politzer was at Harvard University, the throe researchers independently discovered a property of the strong interaction that they called "asymptotic freedom.
United States], June 15 (ANI): The Gulf region may be in throes of a major diplomatic crisis, with several countries cutting off ties with Qatar owing to its reported support for terror-related intiatives, but this has not stopped Doha from arriving at an agreement with the United States to buy 12 billion dollars worth of F-15 fighters.
The EP includes wistful acoustic tracK All The Little Things by up and coming local singer songwriter Tara Wolfe; Hurricanes by The Final Throes - a five piece slinKy FUNK band with a rocK vibe; and short and sweet nostalgic pop Girl It's You by three piece group The Shade.
From a tongue-in-cheek allegory of China and Tibet to the playful account of a young Tibetan in the throes of love, Ma Yuan breaks with tradition and helps move Chinese literature into the twenty-first century.
A source said: "Ronan and Storm could not keep their hands off one another - they're clearly in the first throes of love.
A Moscow man in the throes of a nervous breakdown decided the auto dealership which sent him over the edge was going down with him.
It's not over yet but we are in the death throes here of a despicable regime," Mr Hague said.
Mr Hague said the fall of the compound was an "important" moment, adding: "We're in the death throes of this regime, it's a good thing we've reached that point.
A TEESSIDE man who kidnapped and sexually assaulted a woman while in the throes of a "major depressive episode" has been jailed.
In the throes of pride over having elected our first Black president, it may be easy for some people to discount the ugly racism revealed in the run-up to Obama's win, like the antics of Diane Fedele.
Splitting the two Moate Runners entries, as the race for the first prize of pounds 95,955 enters its final throes, is Trevor Wallis from Harlow with 873 points.
The pair were spotted naked and in the throes of passion through the window of a town-centre office in Oldham, Greater Manchester.
I know we are in the final throes of this development but it has stretched my patience, not to mention my petrol budget, sitting in stationary traffic for all this time.
19) was a revelation, not only for its sage and penetrating analysis of this alleged threat to the free world but also for its intensely moving snapshot of a people caught in the death throes of a dissolving Communist state.