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Synonyms for throe

a violent, excruciating seizure of pain

a sensation of physical discomfort occurring as the result of disease or injury

a condition of anguished struggle and disorder

Words related to throe

severe spasm of pain

hard or painful trouble or struggle

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The Satellite Airline Terminal, in the throes of seeking a new location, is also being represented by Studley, namely William Montana, managing director.
In the early 1930s, when America was deep in the throes of one of the worst economic depressions in this country's history, some American leaders seemed willing to put the idea of representative democracy on hold until the economic disaster had been overcome.
Like the rest of the press, pro-war media outlets spend more time on battle deaths, terror attacks, and an insurgency whose death throes are entering a third year with no end in sight.
People brought to a hospital in the throes of a heart attack are more likely to survive if they receive a statin drug, a new study finds.
The project was in the throes of foreclosure under the ownership of its developer: Downtown Riverview Ltd.
Her eight-year-old son picked the lock on the bathroom door and witnessed his mother in the throes of death while his stepfather sat on the toilet watching.
As though rehearsing for death, the mature artist plays his last hand--first, resistance (the extended arm and outstretched finger), then the blank stare and the throes of rigor mortis.
Pergo of Trelleborg, Sweden, still in the throes of restructuring its laminate flooring operations in Europe and North America, saw its operating profit improve in 2004.
A red-faced couple launched a police emergency when they accidentally called 999 in the throes of passion, it emerged yesterday.
A school insider: 'It was highly embarrassing for staff as the school is in the throes of an inspection.
The full throes of track season, if not exactly beckoning us, perhaps whisper in our ears that we runners explore interval training.
Cuba in the late 18th century was a society in the throes of multiple transformations.
In Idols of the Marketplace David Hawkes posits that the century in question bore witness to the overlapping of two conflicting modes of thought: Aristotelian/ Thomistic teleology and Baconian empericism; the authors purpose is to explore the "death throes of 'natural teleology' as they are reflected in a variety of sixteenth--and seventeenth-century texts" (28).
When Lynn Robbins flung open the door of a master suite in a Siesta Key condominium, she did not expect to see very elderly couple in the throes.
My duties were explained to me and I am in the throes of hearing testimony, seeing evidence, and weighing the facts.