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Synonyms for thriftlessness

the trait of wasting resources

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Characterized as it was by its 'subjection to current needs', its 'utter thriftlessness and waywardness of mind', and its political ineptitude ('not the ruling but the ruled') the 'peasants' of the West simply reinforced the Observer's anti-Irish stereotype.
45) Likewise, mistresses deplored the alleged thriftlessness of their maids.
Though Caldwell's non-fiction espouses an egalitarian philosophy in which nobody is a "member of an inferior race specifically bred to demonstrate such characteristics as indolence and thriftlessness, cruelty and bestiality" (You Have Seen, Their Faces, p.
Unfortunately, the large majority of applications for relief are caused by thriftlessness, mismanagement, unemployment due to incompetence, intemperance, immorality, desertion of the family and domestic quarrels.