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Synonyms for thriftiness

careful use of material resources

Synonyms for thriftiness

frugality in the expenditure of money or resources


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And his thriftiness has enabled the club to comfortably pay off their PS260m loan for building the Emirates stadium.
According to the Boy Scouts of America's mission, the organization strives to "instill" within all Scouts the following ideals: trustworthiness, loyalty, helpfulness, friendliness, courteousness, kindness, obedience, cheerfulness, thriftiness, bravery, cleanliness and reverence.
However, they are all aware that the policy of structural reform and thriftiness with measures fostering growth and infrastructure investments are the recipe for the Union's consolidation and mustering of new strength for the coming challenges, enlargement being one of them.
As customers, they have a good eye for quality, they respond well to the thriftiness of competitive pricing.
It was a shameful show of oafish single-mindedness from a Brit Abroad, but I had a reason for shunning Barca's gastronomic sensations - I was skint and BK was the only thriftiness I knew.
Frugality and thriftiness are often exalted as wartime virtues, quaint but extinct.
But new technology and energy improvements have allowed me to enhance my family's heirloom thriftiness, ensuring that my window air conditioner is ENERGY STAR-rated the automatic thermostat is set to 66 degrees while I'm at work, and all my light bulbs have been replaced with CFLs and LEDs.
There's an inherited thriftiness that draws us to the reduced goods aisle in the super market.
Let me add immediately, for fairness' sake, that what some might see as the vice of stinginess is in the eyes of many Dutch rather the virtue of thriftiness and frugality.
Meanwhile, the college celebrated Money Week by sharing innovative ideas to highlight thriftiness and provide learners with top tips for effective use of financial resources.
uk/rules ACROSS 1 Perplex (6) 3 Hoodlum (4) 7 - Novello, popular British entertainer of the early 20th Century (4) 8 Race obstacle (6) 10 Notion, idea (7) 13 Thriftiness (7) 16 Fondness (6) 17 Mrs Batty in Last of the Summer Wine (4) 18 Shed tears (4) 19 Parentless child (6) DOWN 1 Top edge of a vessel (4) 2 Foamy (6) 4 Bird watching hut (4) 5 Avaricious (6) 6 Effusive (7) 9 Region of central Italy, capital Florence (7) 11 Wood from which cricket bats are made (6) 12 - Criminal, Michael Jackson hit (6) 14 Miss (4) 15 Caution (4) CROSSWORD SOLUTION Name.
In fact she is known for her thriftiness almost as much as for her groomed, impeccable style.
In the report released by Robert Walters titled "Working Professionals in China take the least number of holidays," Carter Yang, Managing Director at Robert Walters said that this work/life imbalance could be caused by Chinese professionals' thriftiness as well as the increased demand by employers which resulted in the taking of less leave.
Likewise, a dislike for ostentatious living was interpreted as thriftiness.