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Synonyms for thriftiness

careful use of material resources

Synonyms for thriftiness

frugality in the expenditure of money or resources


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His thriftiness is apparent in the way he promotes his company - by watching every return on investment (ROI).
That thriftiness is at the root of discontent among Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives with the low-interest rates policies of the ECB, which they complain are creating a "gaping hole" in savers' finances as returns have dropped.
We conclude that the 'Hoarding Disorder' diagnosis defined in DSM-5 is a valid clinical entity in China, though when making the diagnosis clinicians must take care to differentiate pathological hoarding that is distressing to the individual and significantly interferes with social and occupational functioning from culturally sanctioned thriftiness that is not associated with either distress or social dysfunction.
In his analysis, Cooper refers to the "paradox of thrift," which is a fairly well-understood phenomenon: The kind of savings and thriftiness that are good for the individual are not good for an overall economy that depends on consumer spending.
Ilona's thriftiness also takes an enormous amount of effort.
8 Treat thriftiness as a part-time job so you have time to research the expense of every item.
The thriftiness that many consumers developed has been maintained, and retailers are expected to continue turning to discounting in order to drive sales over the forecast period, although this may lessen as time goes on and the recession gets further in the rear-view mirror.
He said that such efforts for generating electricity would go in vain until thriftiness was adopted.
Mallorie uses ingenuity and thriftiness to creatively incorporate pieces from her collections with festive mercury glass.
One reason may be the Confucian values, particularly, respect for elders, thriftiness, perseverance and value for education.
The answer could lie in Crossover Utility Vehicles, which combine the roomy space of SUVs with the gas-sipping thriftiness of small, economic vehicles.
Extolling Thriftiness, Cruz Opens Iowa Office, by Patrick Svitek - U.
And when it comes to thriftiness, the PS1,275 cost in the Welsh capital is second only to that of Belfast, figures obtained from councils have revealed.
In addition to the lower baby numbers, childrenswear was also negatively impacted by changing patterns of consumption: parents are exerting higher levels of thriftiness and frugality, being keen to opt for second-hand, rental and exchanged childrenswear.