threshold gate

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a logic element that performs a threshold operation

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For each node x (suppose the threshold gate of x is T([n.
When | w |[greater than or equal to]| w' |, it is obvious that the threshold gate in which t = 1 could be used to test whether ed(w, w') [less than or equal to] [e.
Suppose x is associated with the threshold gate T([n.
Internal nodes in [mathematical expression not reproducible] are composed of threshold gates and the leaves are associated with attributes.
A unit Boolean function f (X) is called a threshold function if there exist weights w and a fixed threshold T, The reason for examining threshold gates as logic primitives stems from the fact that they are computationally more powerful than the standard AND/OR logic primitives.
However, dynamic voltage scaling, which is now an integral part of the power management of most digital circuits, must be limited when applied to threshold gates due to the presence of the latch-based SA.
Executing this threshold gate will correspond, therefore, to performing one application of modus ponens.
To simulate OR gates, which are used as shown above if multiple occurrences of the same relation occurs on the right-hand side, we also use a threshold gate but have 1 as the threshold instead of r, that is, [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
Having done this for each predecessor, we can, for each binding compute the value of the gate at the current node, whether it is a disjunction, conjunction, or more generally, an arbitrary linear threshold gate.