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a function that takes the value 1 if a specified function of the arguments exceeds a given threshold and 0 otherwise

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A threshold function can be implemented in the same way as any logic function, i.
In order to overcome the defects of hard and soft thresholding function perspective, this paper constructs an improved wavelet threshold function by increasing the adjustment factor.
Building on the proof for threshold functions in Goles and Olivos (1981), we prove that only fixed points and periodic orbits of length 2 can occur for each possible combination of [k.
Then, p = -[square root of (ln n/n)] is a sharp threshold function for the property [rc.
The purpose is to illustrate how the particular filters we developed in Section 5, and choice of threshold function, have the effect of making the recursive quantization schemes run faster and be more effective.
where y - learning coefficient, [lambda](u) - stochastic threshold function, [a.
is possible where f is a threshold function of two Boolean arguments.
The WHS simulation model basically works from the following two modules: (a) The catchment module where runoff is produced according to three threshold functions (depending on soil type); and (b) cropped module where the crop grows and where a daily soil water balance is performed.
Then, the corresponding threshold function is derived from the model using Bayesian maximum a posteriori probability estimation theory.
The threshold function in curvelet domain is proposed in this work to overcome the limits of hard, soft threshold functions and wavelet transform.
Our business hit the ground running after a 42-calendar-day implementation that included training, data conversion and retrofitting of the TCM Threshold function to send and receive web order data to our, and our customers' web sites," said Bill Christy, President and CEO of Xentris.
The selections of the basis function, threshold, and the threshold function all have obvious influence on the noise reduction effect.
The Canon DR-4580U also incorporates several software enhancements through the ISIS driver that comes bundled with the scanner, including a Dynamic Threshold function to optimize images.
The researchers propose a new constant-round public coin sampling protocol, a log-space algorithm for reachability in planar DAGs with few sources, and a regularity lemma for low-degree polynomial threshold functions.
Threshold functions works according to inputs that reaches certain threshold before output is asserted.